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Dream Shock

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         Have you ever had a dream that was so disturbing that it put you into dream shock?  Okay, I just came up with the term "dream shock" to describe a state of mind where one avoids dream remembering because of a fear or reluctance to experience dreaming.

          Oneirophobia is the term for a fear of dreaming or what dreams might mean, but a phobia is an anxiety disorder or irrational fear that interferes with ones ability to function under certain circumstances.  I have not reached that state as yet.  What am I saying?  Lately I've been avoiding my dream memories.

           My current state of mind came about after a dream that I described in my previous post.   I have not been remembering my dreams since that dream.  This could be due to having too many other things on my mind. Perhaps there have been no dreams striking enough to remember.   I'm not sure what factors may be involved here, but I think there is definitely some dream memory avoidance occurring with me.

            This reluctance to recall my dreams or think about this last remembered dream may relate to a message that I don't want to hear, am uneager to confront, or am unsure what to do about it.   Of your suggested comments, none were exactly what my interpretation is but some hinted at my interpretation.   This dream continues to make me think and perplexes my decisiveness to act in any specific manner.  I may be experiencing dream shock.

           This poses some questions that I would address to the readers.   Have you ever tried to avoid remembering your dreams?    Have you ever had a dream that scared you or upset you so much that you were afraid to dream or hesitant to remember?    What are your biggest dream fears?  

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  1. Arlee...relax....a dream is just your mind going on vacation and filling in what it thinks is missing in your life, like excitement or dread or fear or exercise. It's fun to think about dreams and play with trying to find meanings for them but I don't believe we should take it seriously. Certainly not seriously enough to make us worried and anxious in our waking lives. My only real fear is that one night I am going to have one humdinger of a hell raiser dream and then find out that it is my reality after

  2. If a dream is my mind going on vacation I need to fire my travel agent.
    The worst ones I have usually involve something happening to my wife and those I do try to forget.

  3. My medication for epilepsy has a side effect of vivid dreams and most nights I have them. I wish I could dream something pleasant or not remember them at all.


  4. BOIDMAN ~
    Ideal image to accompany this blog bit's subject! Love the painting under any circumstances, but including it here was, like, PERFECT!

    My answers to your questions are: No, No, and None.

    Yeah, for you it may be that you've stopped dreaming because you refuse or are reluctant to address the topic of the last one.

    For me, that is not the conclusion I would jump to, nor even my first suspicion. Because I have always dreamed in waves. Like ocean waves, my dreams have usually come in "sets". Often I'll have several really vivid dreams for some nights consecutively, and then not dream again (or recall my dreams, anyway) for some nights or even weeks in a row.

    So, if I were in your situation, I would probably just assume that was the last dream in that set. But I know it's different for you.

    I've got a question for you now: I've never heard of anyone else mentioning this before, but it did happen to me once, and I'm wondering if it has ever happened to you.

    Back when I used to keep my Dream Journal and practice interpreting them, I once had a dream that included some obvious symbolism. I pondered it but couldn't come up with any interpretation that seemed to hit the nail on the head.

    The very next night I was given a dream that, on my behalf, clearly, blatantly interpreted the dream of the night before.

    I thought that was SO COOL! In fact, I STILL think that is SO COOL!

    So, just curious, since you are the one person I know who seems as intrigued by dreams as I am... Have you ever had a dream that you felt was intended specifically to interpret a prior dream for ya?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Delores -- I guess my concern or "worry" about my dream in question is because it addressed an important issue from waking life that had been on my mind. The problem is I am not sure how to address the issue exactly although in general I have an idea of what direction I should be leaning in. Is that ambiguity or what?

    Alex -- Those kinds of dreams can be troubling. Fortunately I usually don't have those kinds of dreams.

    Yvonne -- I'm sure the unpleasant content of your dreams reflects an unpleasant aspect of your life or a fear that you are experiencing. Once those issues are confronted and resolved I think the nature of your dreams would become more positive.

    StMc-- I know I have not stopped dreaming as I have remembered some dream fragments or generalities, but I seemed to be evading the detail that I frequently recall in my dreams. There may be some other factors involved and not actually anything to do with my dream of concern. I'm not sure.

    As to your question, I don't recall anything extraordinary in the sense of one dream explaining another. I have had dreams that have seemed to be variations on dreams I've had on a previous night, but I don't recall anything such as what you describe.

    I wish I would get some blatant interpretation sometimes. Maybe I haven't because I know what the strong message dreams are telling me. Then again, maybe I don't want the interpretation badly enough. Interesting example that you provide though and now I might be more aware of this.


  6. I did have one dream that I try very much to avoid remembering. And now I'm remembering it.


  7. I misspoke, BOIDMAN.

    Got to wonderin' 'bout it, so I dragged out my old Dream Journal and after a long search, I finally found that dream and its interpretation I'd referred to.

    Turns out the dreams in question occurred in Sept. 1996, and the second dream which interpreted the first did not occur the very next night, but three nights later.

    Also, the second dream did not interpret the first dream in its entirety, but just a portion of it which had to do with two very different performances of "The Star-Spangled Banner".

    Well, heck, that was 16 years ago. You can't expect me to remember it perfectly, right?

    While looking for those two write-ups, I ran across the one I'd mentioned here recently concerning the apocalyptic vision that included Disneyland and the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' ride. Rereading it all these years later, I could actually make some sense out of it. Or at least I think I can. At the least, now I believe I can differentiate the heads from the tails.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. Suze -- Just when you thought you forget about something someone makes you think about it again. I've had that happen to me as well.

    Stephen--How did you record your dreams? Scribbled fragments or detailed prose accounts?


  9. Dreams are sometimes so funny that I honestly think they are due to my age and hormonal state of mind tho. :)

  10. Sorry to hear your dreams are causing you stress. I didn't realise this was a phobia but I'm sure I had this when I was a kid. I used to have nightmares of horrific things happening to my brother, they would happen so often that I became scared of falling asleep. Recently I've had similar dreams about my lil sis and it is very worrying so I try my best not to think about them. It does seem really simple but not thinking about it causes me to forget the details of the dream, and so they are not as scary any more :)

  11. I rarely remember my dreams, so they must not be too significant. I do remember one when I was a kid, though. I was trying to cross a street and cars kept coming and coming. I never was able to get across. I was kind of weird, and I remember it upset me.

  12. Only once or twice do I remember wanting to avoid replaying images of a particular dream, but as time distanced me from the dream I was able to go back and give it some rational thought. Give yourself some time, and all will become clear.

  13. >>...Stephen--How did you record your dreams? Scribbled fragments or detailed prose accounts?

    VERY detailed prose accounts.
    Often followed by one or two possible interpretations.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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