Friday, April 11, 2014

Jacob's Ladder #atozchallenge

Cover of "Jacob's Ladder [Blu-ray]"
Cover of Jacob's Ladder [Blu-ray]

           Jacob's Ladder (1990) is a psychological horror film that is moody, strange, and trippy.  Filled with hallucination and dream sequences, the film puts to question reality versus imagination.   The film is highly regarded in the film community and by a cult following as well.

           It's partly a Vietnam movie and a sort of post-traumatic stress film.  The war action occurs in flashbacks while most of the story takes place a few years later in New York City.  The main character portrayed by Tim Robbins is attempting to get a grasp on his life and what happened to him in Vietnam. The very fine cast includes Elizabeth Pena and Danny Aiello.  

          This is a highly recommended film for fans of supernatural horror and surrealistic dream movies.

          Have you seen Jacob's Ladder?    Do you enjoy films where characters have psychological struggles? Do you know what the reference to "Jacob's Ladder" means?


  1. I only know the Huey Lewis song, written by Bruce Hornsby, 'Jacob's Ladder', which came out around 1986/87. I think Jacob's Ladder was one of those things you could make with string around your fingers.

  2. I did see the movie, but probably at much too young an age to appreciate it. That dance scene? Very disturbing. I thought Jacob's Ladder referred to something from the Bible, but I had to google it to find out exactly what.

  3. JoJo -- I don't know the song, but I think you're right about the string thing. I was like "cat's cradle". I never could figure out how to do those things.

    Tamara -- I forgot about the dance scene. Yes, very strange. The Bible story is an appropriate one for this blog.


  4. Pretty much no to all of these questions! I don't like horror, I actually do like some films with psychological struggles and I'll have to look up Jacob's Ladder...

  5. Okay, looked it up. I get it I watched the trailer! Ahh!!! I know why I don't watch horror movies!


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