Summertime Dreamer

A Faraway View will be posting throughout the summer, but in a lazy day kind of way. There won't be much textual content. Instead I'll be posting different types of dreamy music videos with short thoughts introducing them and some questions directed toward you the reader. I hope you'll stay with me on this. There's some good music planned and I'd like to know what the songs bring to your mind.

Have a wonderful summer!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Deep Enough to Dream

         This brings me to the end of my summer hiatus on this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed the dream music and the thoughts that I have offered over the past few months.   I hope your summer was a good one.  I hope mine was too.  And now it's time for a decision.   I'm still thinking.  Maybe I should dream a bit more and let you know in the next post what I will be doing at A Faraway View...

            Did you enjoy my summer music series on this blog?   Was there any particular post that was a favorite?   Would you like to see more music posts with short text here at A Faraway View?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Walk On Water

       Some people believe that they have received spiritual messages in their dreams.   They claim to have been spoken to by angels, deceased souls, spirits, saints, or even the Voice of God.    The messages can range from advice to warnings to questions about where one is going in life.   The Bible as well as the beliefs in other religions state that this may be possible.  What do you think?

          Can you relate a time when you believe you received a message from the spiritual realm?    Do you believe messages of this nature are true?     Do you  think they come from good sources, bad sources, or either depending on the nature of the message?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Song

          Dream topics will often change seasonally--that is in winter we might dream about winter weather or holidays and in summer our dreams may reflect our activities of that season.   As I grow older my dreams will take me back to my younger days though with the awareness that I am in my older mind.  I may dream about being in school, having youthful romantic flings, or working in a place where I worked long ago.  In fact many of my dreams now seem to reflect more on my youth than on my current age of life and yet I understand that I am mentally older than in the physical time depicted in the dream.   In some ways my dream self seems ageless or unattached to any specific time of life while in reality my waking self continues to age.

           Do you have a sense of your age in your dreams?   Is there a particular time of life that you dream about more than others?    What life era would you choose to be stuck in if you had full control of your dream topics?

          Please visit my current Battle of the Bands at Tossing It Out post to vote on your favorite version of "September Song".         

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Summer Place

       I'm sure we all have at least one summer place in our memories.  Most of us probably have many.  Places of happy times that make us smile when we think back on them.  Or hazy memories that cause us to drift into dreams of places and times that we kind of remember, but not exactly.  Were they real times?   Or do some memories exist in an almost inaccessible place somewhere between reality and a distant netherworld?   Were we only dreaming?  Are we dreaming now?   Funny how memory sometimes plays little tricks on us.

         What special summer places and memories appear in your sleep and day dreams?     Can you think of any memories that you suspect may have been actually imagined though seemingly real?   If you could revisit one special time of your life what would it be?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Then I Close My Eyes

        There are times when I am tired--so tired.  Fatigued.  Perhaps after a long day of driving or a stressful ordeal.  Perhaps I am worried or angry or confused.  My brain goes a million miles a minute.  I long for sleep.  I crave sleep.  I want desperately to sleep and to dream.   Eventually my body seems to melt.   And then I close my eyes...

         Are there times when you are so tired that you find it difficult to go to sleep?   How are your dreams affected when you are in that state?   Do you really get a good night's rest when you are like this?

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