Thursday, September 25, 2014

Flying Forward

English: Tenby Harbour The classic view with a...
Tenby Harbour The classic view with a serendipitous visitor.
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        In my previous post I said that I would announce my intentions for A Faraway View in this current post.   Here I am as promised.  

         I guess I'll just keep this blog going for a while longer at least.   In many cases the posts might be shorter than they used to be.  Then again they could be longer.   Like I do with all of my blogging activity I'll take things as they come and write as my whims take me.

         That's a heck of a way to do things, but often life is filled with improvisation dictated by the serendipitous nature of the world.   It's kind of like the nature of dreaming I suppose.  Dreaming is often filled with twists and turns and incongruities.  That's one of the things that makes dreaming so fascinating and in many ways fun.

         In future posts I will continue to speculate on the whys and wherefores of the dream life.  I may also start digging into my dream journals to describe some of the past dreams I've had.   Some of those dreams go back to my high school years.  That's over 40 years ago!   I may also relate more recent dreams.

          In telling these dream stories I hope to keep them interesting as I know from experience that some dreams that I've heard others describe to me can be rather confusing and often boring.   Tell me if my posts get boring at anytime and provide constructive suggestions on how I can improve my posts.   And if the posts are just fine then leave whatever comments come to your mind.

           I do hope you will comment.   As with any blog post, I see many more visits to my dream posts than comments received from those visitors.   I thank my regular commenters for their loyalty to this site.  I encourage others to give me feedback or at least just let me know you visited.

          Let me know when you like something I've posted here and I'll continue to post more like it.  After all the purpose of this blog is twofold. One is to hone my own writing skills.  Blogging is writing and I hope my writing here is making me a better writer.  More importantly though my main reason for blogging on this topic  of dreaming is to exchange information and ideas.   Let's have a conversation!

         Next week I'll get back to the business of dreams.  May all of our good dreams come true.

         Do you think talking about dreams has a benefit?     Are you mostly interested in dreams for their entertainment value or for some other reason?    Do you tend to tell others about your dreams when they will listen?


  1. If I have a funny or weird dream involving someone I know I will tell them, as long as I remember. Like the other night I dreamt I was in Disney World with my friend (who is actually there w/ her family and has been posting pics on Facebook), and I was taking family pics of them. Then I was discussing the 70s mini series, 'Jesus of Nazareth' with them. They are both very devout Christians so that's probably why.

  2. Here's my "systems guy's" theory about dreams:

    The mind is like a database (the brain like the storage medium). New ideas, observations, and information are added to the mind during the day, and at night the mind reorganizes itself and rebuilds associations. It's during that reorganization that dreams occur, as the mind moves information around and stores it in a permanent location.

    So, is it worth it to discuss dreams? Yes. Not only for entertainment value, but to see what thoughts have been associated with each other. And, yes, I share my dreams wiuth anyone who will listen, because that's just the kind of guy I am...


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