Thursday, September 18, 2014

Deep Enough to Dream

         This brings me to the end of my summer hiatus on this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed the dream music and the thoughts that I have offered over the past few months.   I hope your summer was a good one.  I hope mine was too.  And now it's time for a decision.   I'm still thinking.  Maybe I should dream a bit more and let you know in the next post what I will be doing at A Faraway View...

            Did you enjoy my summer music series on this blog?   Was there any particular post that was a favorite?   Would you like to see more music posts with short text here at A Faraway View?


  1. I'm a dreamer of a different sort, the daydreamer type. I don't get to this blog as much as your Tossing it Out and Wrote by Rote blogs.

    I can only manage two slower blogs, so good luck if you keep juggling several. . .

    It's your attitude and information that keeps me reading your blogs. I'm not much for dreamy music either. . .

  2. This summer has been one on the run with family and trips.
    I try to follow all your blogs as well, but I am hopeless.
    Your writing and music choices please me!


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