Thursday, September 11, 2014

Walk On Water

       Some people believe that they have received spiritual messages in their dreams.   They claim to have been spoken to by angels, deceased souls, spirits, saints, or even the Voice of God.    The messages can range from advice to warnings to questions about where one is going in life.   The Bible as well as the beliefs in other religions state that this may be possible.  What do you think?

          Can you relate a time when you believe you received a message from the spiritual realm?    Do you believe messages of this nature are true?     Do you  think they come from good sources, bad sources, or either depending on the nature of the message?


  1. I don't know.....I consider myself an atheist, and while I enjoy the bible stories, I do not think they represent anything factual. The book has been translated so many times. I've been on the receiving end of a couple of odd coincidences in the past but not sure if it was really a message from the great beyond.

  2. I am conflicted here. Dreams and actual apparitions--not sure. The church says they are from demons, but it does not seem to me that this is the case.

    I have had several dreams that seemed like warnings, and a few days later the event (with variations) happened.

    I just don't know.

  3. Hi Lee, I'd been wondering about where your dream blog went ... and am glad to have it again! I'll check yr earlier one and hopefully add my 2c worth.

    Dreams come from the individual having the dream.

    Not from somewhere else, though this can and does happen.

    But at the sake of repetition, the dream comes from within the person having the dream and that is why they are important. They are not easy to decipher. They have value - if one does the work of listening to the message given as a gift via the dream.

  4. JoJo-- You might want to reconsider the timeline of the Bible, the logic, and the message and you might get a different opinion. If you seem to get a message do you think your mind has somehow deciphered clues to come to a logical conclusion? After all dreams are mostly a data recycle with the mind having it's own method of evaluating the data that's been put in the brain.

    Susan Kane-- I believe any supernatural occurrence can come either from good or bad sources and we have to figure out what that source is. But like you indicate, it's all so theoretical and very personal. One would probably need to keep a good record and learn to interpret their own dreams.

    Susan Scott-- This dream blog has been here all along--just on a summer schedule. As I have stated in other posts from the beginning of this blog, I also believe that dreams are very personal and unique to an individual's experiences. That's why I don't put much credence in resources like dream dictionaries and the like. Each of us has internal symbolism that relates to us. My dream of a snake would likely have a completely different meaning than a herpetologist dreaming about a snake. And even a personal symbol might have a different meaning from dream to dream. Dream interpretation is a cumulative data study and dreams probably need to be compared. An outside party can probably provide some enlightenment about what a dream is about, but their interpretation might not always be totally accurate.



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