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Precognitive Dreams

       This installment of A Faraway View features author Yolanda Renée and her experience and thoughts about precognitive dreams.   Perhaps you have had dreams or visions of future events.  Yolanda has put some of these concepts into her novels.    Yolanda's links appear at the end of this post.

Precognitive Dreams &

        Precognitive dreams is a plot line I use in my books, especially my recent release Memories of Murder. I discussed this earlier on a blog post for Julie Luek, called Precognitive Dreams Fact or Fiction, but there were several requests for more information about my own experience with such dreams. Therefore, for Lee's Dream Blog, I thought I would do just that, get a bit more personal, and share a few more details.

       I stated before that precognition can fall into the realm of the paranormal, but I've worked hard not to let it go there in my book, even though what I write is fiction. This is a personal choice, as I am a dreamer, and some of my dreams have been precognitive or visions of future events. I also know that it's an easy statement to make and that I have no physical proof, still I'm not afraid to make the claim. I've spoken to, and read of many with the same capabilities.

        There have also been several studies done by major universities, such as Duke and Princeton. You can do a Google search to read of these. But it's also true that the mainstream scientific community is still skeptical. While I prefer to fall back on personal experience, for the nonbelievers there are interesting books that may change your mind, or at least get you to question the status quo, such as J. W. Dunne and his book An Experiment with Time.
"According to Dunne, whilst human consciousness prevents us from seeing outside of the part of time we are "meant" to look at, whilst we are dreaming we have the ability to traverse all of time without the restriction of consciousness, leading to pre-cognitive dreams, resulting in the phenomenon known as Déjá vu. Henceforth, Dunne believes that we are existing in two parallel states, which requires a complete rethink of the way that we understand time."  Taken directly from Wikipedia

        While I've had minor premonitions, you know that nagging sixth sense that tells you something is wrong, I've also experienced precognitive dreams that came true. These dreams began when I was twelve and foretold future events that I, as a child, could not reconcile. I had dreams of horrific incidents, dreams that kept repeating, and left me, grieving. The only reason I remember them now, is because of the number of times they repeated and the emotional toll it took on me. The truths of those dreams played out over several years, and are too deeply personal to share here. I only mention them to give you a bit of my history with the subject.

        Through the years, precognitive dreams showed me my husband, years before we met, warned me of several violent encounters, some that I escaped, and others I did not. I've seen future events and health issues that have all materialized. However, there was one violent premonition that kept me from behind the wheel of my Jeep pickup for two full weeks. This particular instance did not happen as a dream, but came as a vision while wide-awake. I'm sharing it here because of its strength and the amount of time it took before it was resolved.

        One beautiful Sunday afternoon I was with a boyfriend. He was driving my Jeep pickup back from brunch. We were headed into Anchorage, when a waking dream played like a movie before my eyes. I was behind the wheel of my pickup, going down the highway, much as we were right at that moment. However, in my vision, the pickup came to a sudden stop and I went flying through the windshield. One minute I'm driving and the next I'm lying on the side of the road, shredded by the glass and bleeding profusely. The vision threw me. I wasn't sure what to make of it. I looked at my surroundings, looked at my boyfriend, who asked me if I was all right.

        I was shaken, but told him I was fine, and never said a word about what I'd just seen. After all, he was driving, and the vision did not fit the circumstances. I pushed it aside, figured I was being silly, and enjoyed the rest of the day.

        The next morning I went into the garage to drive to work, but within ten feet of my Jeep, I started to get an eerie feeling. That same vision hit me again, along with an intense feeling of terror. To say I was shaken would be an understatement. When I reached to open the door of the truck, I couldn't even grasp the handle. That feeling of doom was so overpowering I could only get relief from it, by walking away. Stunned and confused, I walked to work.

        I told no one. I mean I knew what the word crazy meant, and the last thing I wanted was for the men in the white coats to come haul me away. I managed to hide my secret for several days. However, I had to confess when my boyfriend showed up and needed a ride home. I refused to drive and had to tell him why. He laughed, but gladly took the keys to my truck. Several days later, a friend dropped me off at his place to pick up the Jeep, but despite my desire and the need to have my vehicle back, I still could not get behind the wheel. Those feelings of foreboding were still too strong. By this time, I just felt stupid, but I couldn't, and I honestly mean couldn't get in that truck.

        Eventually, my boyfriend drove the truck back to my garage, and by then everyone saw me as hysterical, but I refused to test the fates.

        It was two weeks before I could get into that Jeep. When I finally opened the door and slid behind the wheel, the vision no longer assaulted me, I felt no fear, not even a twinge. There were no feelings of panic, and I no longer broke out in a cold sweat. I still don't know how to explain what happened, but I will never regret refusing to drive during that time, despite the laughter of friends.

        Should we heed those voices in our head, or tempt fate? Do you believe in precognitive dreams or premonitions – have any of your dreams or visions ever come true?

        Thanks again Lee, I hope I've given your readers something to ponder.

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  1. They say we use so little of our actual brainpower. Precognition could be part of what we normally don't tap into. You'll never know if your vision was true, but we're really glad you didn't find out!

  2. Ooh...the brain's a power thing, and I completely agree with Alex J C. Just the other day we were talking about De-ja-vu and how it's believed that the brain misfiles current memories, giving you that feeling of 'Wait! hasn't this happened before???' Great post.

  3. I've had a couple of dreams sort of come true but nothing on a grand or catastrophic level. I did dream about being in Victoria BC and the pull to visit was so strong that I booked a last minute trip in the late fall of 2010. I made sure to go to the exact spot and take a picture of the most vivid image from the dream.

  4. I had a visual day dream like you. My father came to me and told me to watch for a sign. I had been recently diagnosed with thyroid disease. Later, that evening we went on a boat out in the bay to watch the fireworks. There in the sky was my sign-a butterfly! The thyroid gland is shaped just like it.

    I am so glad you listened to your self..I had another one that altered my mom's b-day, but she listened. I had a serious migraine, just as I approached her house. My kids and I were walking back to her house-we had been at the shore. I started to cry when I enter her home. She said, "What is wrong?" I kept mumbling..."We can't go-head on collision." I felt so bad later in the day-we were planning to take her to this huge fair. Guilt kept washing over me-I went and bought take out, rented movies and tried to make it fun. The local news came on and they announced there had been a head on collision-people in a van headed to this fair-the same time we would of been out that way.
    Now everyone in my family calls me and asks me if it is safe to fly!
    I believe you and I am so happy you listened!!!

  5. Thanks Alex, I'll never regret it!

    DRC, De-ja-vu is an interesting concept. I'm sure one day we'll understand much, much more!

    JoJo, Love that story, it doesn't always have to be bad news! :)

    Ella, You were the biggest reason I re-posted on this subject. I'm so glad you shared your story too. I feel less - weird! LOL Thanks!

    This was a very good installment of 'A Faraway View'. Thanks for giving Yolanda the floor!


    I haven’t yet read any of the earlier comments, but I will do so right after I post mine.

    >>... I am a dreamer, and some of my dreams have been precognitive or visions of future events

    Yes, I get that, because “I am a dreamer” too. I am a very Spiritually-minded person, and I think that “dreams” are one of my special fortes as far as “Spiritual gifts” go. I have had precognitive dreams, but even more interesting to me is the seeming fact that it appears I can specifically ask God or Jesus to give me a dream that answers a question I am greatly concerned about and they will honor my plea with a dream that can’t be misinterpreted (even by a numbskull like me!)

    I have had many dreams that answered troubling questions for me. Once, I even had a dream that “interpreted” an earlier dream for me because my conscious mind wasn’t able to decipher the first one. Pretty cool. (That one definitely gotten written up in the ‘Dream Journal’ I used to keep.)

    >>... whilst we are dreaming we have the ability to traverse all of time without the restriction of consciousness, leading to pre-cognitive dreams, resulting in the phenomenon known as Déjá vu. Henceforth, Dunne believes that we are existing in two parallel states, which requires a complete rethink of the way that we understand time.

    I totally agree with Dunne that we are existing in two different states (not necessarily parallel, however). I would say they are Spiritual and physical, but the physical is an illusion and the Spiritual was, is, and will always be perfectly aligned with our Creator.

    I also believe that some instances of déjá vu are actually related to past lives we have lived and that we are remembering briefly in the present incarnation.

    >>... I had dreams of horrific incidents, dreams that kept repeating

    Yeah, it’s those dreams that repeat that we need to pay special attention to. I had one as a child, when I was maybe 10 years old – a truly horrific dream that I must have had 5 to 7 times – but “somehow” my mind was eventually clued in about how to deal with it (still can’t explain how that knowledge came to me), and the outcome actually led to the Spiritual belief system I still maintain today.

    So, in a sense, I would say that “a nightmare led to my current Spiritual awareness”. Thank God for nightmares, eh? He can even use a terrifying dream to “educate” us.

    I enjoyed your guest blogger appearance here on BROTHER BIRD’S dreamy site.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

  7. Stephen,

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I agree! And like to think that I'm Spiritually minded. I may a bit more of a numbskull though, I don't always see the answer so clearly.

    I've always believed that dream travel was forward not parallel, and why deja vu has so much impact. I believe in meditation, in visualization, and in seeking answers within. While I believe that we all have God within us - a statement made with no arrogance,(and also knowing that my atheist husband would laugh at me) I think most of us struggle to understand our Spiritual side, and the not so wonderful material side. It is knowing, and understanding our spirit that helps to make us whole. (my opinion).

    I see my dreams and empathic abilities as a gift. Although, not the kind that brings in cash by foretelling the future! LOL

    I don't pretend to have any answers, but I am happy, comfortable, and very willing to learn more. I see myself as a seeker of knowledge, and these discussions are wonderful.

    Arlee's dream blog is always very enlightening and I enjoy being able to guest here. Thank you for sharing - and yes I think there is much education in the non terrifying as the terrifying.

    Wishing you sweet, answer filled dreams!

    Thank you

  8. I don't blame you one bit. I wouldn't have driven either, after that dream.
    I believe in precognitive dreams but have never experienced it first hand.

  9. Thanks for the great reply!

    Yes, I am completely in agreement when it comes to meditation. For many years that was my Spiritual foundation stone but I have fallen away from it and I KNOW it is the one thing I MOST need to return to.

    My Bible study has continued all along, even in my darkest times. Thankfully I didn't drop the ball on that too! But it's not enough; I need to get back to daily meditation sessions which I used to get so much out of.

    For years I thought I was a pretty lousy meditator, but I recently came to realize that actually I wasn't too bad at it. I couldn't have received so much from it if I had been doing it as poorly as I mistakenly thought I was.

    In fact, for many years my 'Spiritual Slogan' has been:

    We have fallen asleep in God's embrace,
    Having a nightmare that we are elsewhere.

    I didn't make that saying up, but heard it spoken in my mind once while I was in the meditative state.

    Yes, I REALLY need to get back to that practice. Thanks for mentioning it. I'm going to take it as the "kick in the seat" I really need.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. I have never had such experiences, but I have a few friends who have. I wonder if it's become I am too freaked out to be open to them.

  11. Great post Arlee. Yes, I believe they can warn us but we need to be cautious in our interpretations.

  12. Cate, thanks for stopping by, and especially for not thinking I'm crazy.

    Stephen, Meditation isn't difficult but it does take patience. I love your slogan. Feels right! Thanks for the discussion.

    M P - It can get weird, especially if we read too much into it. I try hard not to do that, and at times have paid the price for not heeding the warning! My last haircut is proof. LOL Another long story.

    Desert - Ditto! :)

  13. I don't doubt you at all. My mother had similar precognitive dreams about good and bad things. Perhaps some people are more sensitive to intuition and gut instinct. Police and others say 'listen to it'. You've had some strong feelings in regard to that jeep. Was it ever in an accident before?

    Came over after reading Lee's post!

  14. Hey D. G. - Thanks for stopping by, I've always been empathic and it's saved me from a few situations. The Jeep was purchased by me brand new - first owner. I owned it for 7 years, and never had an accident it in. I bought it in Texas, and I drove it across the country, to Alaska, and back home. I put a lot of miles on it. That premonition occurred two years after I bought it. Thanks for asking.

  15. Lee,

    Thank you for this opportunity to discuss my crazy mind/dreams, and my books. The story ideas that all come from the craziness! I've enjoyed the discussion and hopefully in the future will add more to your dream blog. Always fun, always interesting!

  16. Interesting topic for sure! I do believe they happen. And sometimes I get premonitions when I'm wide awake. Full body premonitions that something is going to happen. I believe it's being in tune to surroundings in a much greater magnitude.
    Super intriguing statement about time and consciousness. Got my wheels cranking! :)

  17. Thanks Pk,
    Appreciate the time you took this busy NaNo season, to read and comment. I love hearing of other folks experiences, would love to know about your insights. It is a great thought isn't it? Especially for writers - time travel through dreams and done with purpose? Yeah, I can see it!

  18. Hi Yolanda,
    Good to be here again, I am here via Arlee's post, though a bit late its really nice to drop in. Ha Ha, I am a dreamer!!!
    Will come back again later today with more of my dream!!!
    Keep inform
    Phil from Tina's Terrific Team :-)

  19. I see those little deja vu moments as indications that I'm where I'm supposed to be. Frankly, if my dreams start coming true I'll be really freaked out, considering the tenor and content of those dreams.

    I remember when I was a kid, my mother would say no a lot, and she usually had a good reason. If she said "I don't know why," we all knew to listen. When we didn't, something happened every time.

    I think the visions can be warnings, and once the time of the event passed you weren't bothered by it any more.

  20. I have had precognitive dreams before too and it is a very strange feeling. Although I have never had a vision quite like yours I find it interesting to see and read about other peoples experiences. Your blog is fascinating. Thank you for writing.

  21. The National Dream Center is hosting PROJECT AUGUST starting May 1, 2014 and is inviting anyone who dreams to participate (not just precognitive dreamers). We will be attempting to dream the headlines that we will see in the future (August 2014).
    Please go to for more information.


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