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A Good Omen Dream --My wife's interpretation

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English: A sunny August day at the beach at Joss Bay, a rural beach not far from Broadstairs in Kent, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        My wife enjoys interpreting dreams.  Sometimes I tell my wife about dreams that have stood out for me and she sometimes offers her interpretation of what she thinks my dream means.  Here is a dream that she thinks is a very good dream that portends a good omen.

        In a busy dream where many different events had been occurring, my dream turned to a segment about an airliner that has made an emergency landing on a beach.  I am to fly the airliner off the beach under the guidance of someone from the control tower.  The beach is crowded and it is late afternoon.   I consult with someone whom I find at the location where I am about to do this takeoff.  The man seems to be in a position of authority.   He goes to the top of a needle-like rocky pinnacle to survey the scene and beckons me to follow.

      As I make my way up the towering rock structure I am afraid as the climb is rather treacherous.  Rocks are breaking loose and falling after me.  When I reach the top it is night though all around me the lighting is bright enough for me to see the panoramic view very well.  I see the ocean and waves coming to shore.  Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people can be seen on the beach and in the water.  The beach is vast.  I wonder how I can safely take off in the jet plane on such a crowded beach.   I am assured that a way will be cleared for me and my take-off will be successful.

      My wife's explanation made me see the positive aspect of the dream since I was mostly focused on the doubt, discomfort, fear, dilemma.  My perception was that the dream was eerie and foreboding.  On awakening I was afraid that something bad was going to happen in the dream.

      However, as my wife brought me to realize, I was up high and looking over everything.  The scene below me was peaceful, happy, and positive.  Though there was an emergency landing,  the plane was still okay and would be able to continue safely.  Though I had no flying experience, I had the guidance of someone with experience who had confidence in my abilities.  There was actually an aura of confidence in my abilities from everyone around me in the dream.

       I am still not sure what the dream portends or if it is telling me something about my abilities.  If left to my doubt-filled analysis of my dream, I might have felt anxiety.  An objective view from another allowed me to look at my dream in a very different way and understand all that was positive about the dream.

       Sometimes telling someone else about our dreams can provide us with more insight about the dream meaning.

        Do you tell others about your dreams?   Has someone to whom you have described a dream offered you an interpretation?   Do you tend to take the weirdness of a dream and think of your dream experience in a negative way?   Do you agree with the interpretation my wife offered?

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  1. I think your wife's interpretation is pretty good. Positive, and that's always good! I most likely have a bad habit of sharing my dreams - and many have offered their interpretation, there are also dream books and blog sites that will give some generic rules for interpretation. Like dreaming of death means change, etc. It's fun, harmless, and most likely all wrong. LOL
    Sweet dreams!

  2. That was a nice interpretation your wife gave. I tend to focus on the weirdness and negatives of dreams when I remember them at all. Most of the time they disappear as soon as I wake up. That's a good idea to look for positives in dreams, as in all things of life!


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