Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Scary Halloween Dream

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       This past Sunday morning I had a very scary dream.  I dreamed that my Monday post  for my Tossing It Out blog had become infected with a virus from a website that was taking over my site with links attached to key words within my post.  I was not sure where the links would lead to and I was unwilling to click on them to find out. They seemed to appear randomly and each time I fixed one, another link appeared in its place.

      The night previous to the dream I had been finishing up "My Brain is a Blog", a satirical humor post with some serious controversy that was to be a sort of lead-in to Halloween and  my Battle of the Bands post for Friday November 1.   I had some concern as to how that post would be received since it was a rather peculiar one.  This concern was probably what caused my anxiety laden dream.   This is ironic considering that the subject matter of the blog post had to do with blogging taking over the brain of the blogger, but then again having a dream with this content might make perfect sense.  The dream may have been merely a subconscious recreation of my blog post infused with my sense of concern.

       The dream seemed very real and I was believing that what had happened in the dream was something that was actually happening to my blog.  Within the dream I pinpointed the source of the problem and decided to get rid of all of the nefarious links that had been placed by an evil program that I had tapped into the night before.  I also tried to figure out how to disable the program.  Each time I tried to fix the problem I would go back to check to see if everything was okay and at the bottom of my blog post I would see the message:

          "This blog has been infected."

      In the morning after waking and rising I went to my computer to just make sure there was not an actual problem with my blog.   All was well.   The dream seemed so real that I actually believed that what had happened in the dream was a true event.   It had all seemed so convincing.

      Thank goodness it had only been a dream.

Happy Halloween!

        Have you ever had a blog dream?    Does the intensity of a dream dilemma every carry over into the immediacy of awakening so that you have to check to see if something from the dream was true or not?   What real-life related fears enter into your dream life?   

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  1. Great Post Lee, enjoyed the read.

    Happy Halloween

  2. I've never had a blog dream, but I know I've had ones where I wake up and have to check to see if something was real or not. I had a series of dreams back in CA where I could not for the life of me remember if the places I was visiting were real or not. Since, in the dream, Brian was there I asked him and he assured me that no, we had never gone to those places.

    Real life fears? When it's time to put my dogs down....that one comes up frequently but in the dream I'm trying really hard to protect them and when I'm cuddling them, there's an overwhelming sadness/grief feeling. Our precarious financial situation plagues me....worries over the kids...and Russell being out on the road. There's no shortage of real life fears.

  3. Too funny, but yeah, I've had dreams where I'm commenting and reading blogs or composing them. Don't remember the specifics but when I wake up I think, omgosh, I need a life! lOl

  4. I had a dream that my 34 yr. old son was kidnapped by gypsies (real ones). Somehow that made me happy.

    Can't explain it.

  5. I believe your dream could easily have been a reality. Viruses pop up everywhere. (I know my laptop is infected.) But I just have the average putting-the-car-brakes-on-but-it-keeps-going dream. Anxiety. Stress. Too much of those in life.

  6. Yvonne -- Now November will be here. Hope the winter season treats you well. And the trip to Branson!

    JoJo-- So true about the real life fears. It would be nice to have just pleasant dreams to escape to.

    Yolanda -- When we start dreaming about blogging we probably should start rethinking things a bit. ON the other hand I get some good blogging ideas from dreams.

    Susan -- Well, I'm laughing. It does seems absurd, but it also must mean something. What's he been doing lately?

    Lexa -- I guess the computer virus is a fear that I think of often and stay aware to prevent it from happening so I guess it's natural for the fear to pop up in a dream. Anxiety and stress can be big dream influencers as I have noted in previous posts.


  7. Now that's a scary dream. Thank goodness I've never dreamed about my blog ;)

  8. Lynda -- Blog dreams tend to wake me up and cause worry more than any other dream topic these days. I guess it's an indication that blogging has become an important part of my life. Fortunately I don't have many dreams about blogging and when I do they're about other bloggers.



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