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Dreams with Dual Interpretations

Cast a giant shadow
Cast a giant shadow (Photo credit: StefZ)
       A dream can mean different things to different people.  The dreamer might tell a dream to others who will give very different interpretations as to the dream meaning.  The objectivity from one hearing a dream can often shed new light on an interpretation  that has been skewed by the dreamer's own wishful thinking or irrational fears about what a dream means.

       Here is a dream that I told my wife:

In my dream I am involved with people putting together a stage performance of an opera.  While I am not directly involved with the production,  I am there because people I know are involved--possibly one of my daughters.

I am at the debut performance which is taking place in a beautiful modern theater.  A full audience is present for the premier.    When the opera begins I realize that intense sunlight from the front entrance is flooding into the rear seats of the audience and I realize that this will become very distracting and annoying to them.   There is a  lot of empty carpeted floor space at the back of the auditorium.  As I stand in the light I realize that my shadow will block the light from shining onto audience members and allow them to view the stage production without distraction.  I position myself so as to prevent the light from disturbing anyone in the audience.

       One possible interpretation suggested by my wife turned out to be very different that the one that originally came to my mind.   Both interpretations seem to have equal validity.

       My thought was that in the dream I am sheltering the people and providing comfort to them.   My actions contribute to the greater success of the performance.   My shadow is a protective influence that will help others.  My waking life application is that I can exert a sense of power and influence that will allow others to focus on the main event of life without being adversely affected by external influences.  From the dream I see myself as a comforter and one who wants others to be successful.

      My wife suggested that the bright sunlight can represent a positive force--perhaps akin to a radiance from God.  My influence and shadow is preventing the light from touching others and keeping them in the darkness for them to be distracted instead with worldly things.  I am more concerned with the stage procession of trivial life matters and trying to shut out more important spiritual issues.   I should be welcoming the light and allowing it to illuminate everyone so they can see what is truly most important in their lives.

      Either interpretation works for me.  There may be some alternative interpretations that others might come up with.  Perhaps I should look more deeply into the symbolism of the modern theater, the opera, the large empty carpeted space at the back of the theater, or the poor design of a theater with open entrance doors that allow outdoor light to filter through.

       What do you think this dream means?   Do you think I am not giving certain symbolism enough relevance?    Have you ever made comparisons on interpretations by others versus your own of your dreams?   

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  1. Hey Lee,

    First off, congrats on being selected as the "roastee" for this year's Cheersfest. Couldn't roast a better bird. :) interpretation of your dream. The fact that it was distracting you and you didn't want it to distract others sounds more like you're providing a need...shelter or comfort...a caregiver to some extent. them.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  2. I believe you are one who wants to see to the needs of the people at the opera. You feel a responsibility to do this, even they are not important to you. Are you protecting them or guiding them?

  3. It felt like you were trying to protect the show...making sure the audience all enjoyed it and then were able to give it great reviews. You must have made a massive shadow to block the sun.

    I love it when I remember my dreams.I always wonder what they really mean.

  4. ML-- I prefer to think of myself wanting to protect or help others.

    Susan K-- Having spent much time in the world of theater I was always concern with making sure the show went right. I think the dream is an extension of that.

    Sharon -- Audience satisfaction seemed to be my goal in the dream. Dreams can be so interesting as well as puzzling.



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