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Dream Communication: A Call from a Past Girlfriend

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             A couple of recent guest posts (here and here) by Stephen T McCarthy of Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends gave me a dream memory jog that took me back to one of my own possible dream communication experiences.  Perhaps not quite as dramatic as the experiences recounted by Stephen, my dream is curious to me nonetheless and left me strongly wondering about it for a few weeks after having the dream and even to this day I wonder.  

The Dream about a Past Girlfriend

          This occurred probably about five years ago or more.  I recall that I was still employed at the time so the time frame would be correct.  The dream itself I don't even remember much about, but the impact of that dream had a big effect upon me.

           In the dream I believe I was at some event like a picnic or something that was occurring outdoors where people were eating.   Faye, a woman with whom I had gone to high school and college was at this event.  The dream presence of this woman was very powerful and I felt like there was a very strong psychic connection between us even though I had not seen or thought of her in many years.  In the dream setting we were having a conversation, but I don't remember what we were talking about.

          When I awoke I felt as though I had actually communicated in some way with Faye.  The last time I had spoken to Faye would have been nearly thirty years previous to having the dream.  She was living in Tennessee at that time and I presumed that she may still be living there.  But after having the dream I sensed that she was somewhere near to where I was living in the Los Angeles area.

           I felt compelled to find Faye because I was convinced that she was thinking of me and trying to find me.  I began searching for her on the internet.  I made phone calls to old friends to see if anyone knew what had happened to her. 

           My search turned out to be in vain and I eventually stopped looking so intently.  Now and then I would check the internet to see if her name showed up anywhere.  I figured she was probably married now and no longer used her maiden name.  The intensity of my interest in contacting Faye waned, though now and then I do wonder about her and that dream.

Who Is Faye?

          In reality Faye was never an actual girlfriend of mine.  She was a year behind me in high school--in the same grade as my younger sister.  My sister and Faye were somewhat friends, but not particularly close.  I was in a few clubs with Faye so we did know each other.

          Later, when I was in college, I discovered that Faye was living in an apartment near campus.  She had also began attending the college where I was.  One of my friends had been hanging out with her and we started going over to her apartment to visit.  I was very interested in getting closer to her, but I didn't think she was interested in me so no relationship ever developed.

         After I stopped attending the university I lost contact with Faye.  Then about five years later I somehow got her phone number--possibly from my sister.  Faye was now teaching ballroom dancing at an Arthur Murray studio in Knoxville.  This seemed rather odd to me since Faye always seemed so quiet and shy.  The years must have changed her.  I called her and we had a brief phone conversation.   We said that we would have to make arrangements to meet up sometime, but we never did and soon after that I left East Tennessee for many years.  I never thought much about Faye after that.

A Surprising Revelation

        Several years later my sister and I were talking about old times and people we had known and Faye's name popped up in the conversation.  My sister told me that in high school Faye had a big crush on me.  I chastised her for not having told me then as I would have liked to have known that.  I realized that Faye could really have been my girlfriend if I had only taken action in that direction.

          Still another several years went by and I had the dream.   Suddenly Faye was back on my mind but in a different way.  I felt like she was communicating with me for some reason.   I had been happily married for a number of years at the time of the dream.   Why that dream at that time I don't know.  There seemed to be an urgency to the dream but it was never addressed as my inquiries to locate Faye were unsuccessful.

         A year or two ago my sister told me that she had made contact with Faye and had her phone number. She said that Faye was now married and she didn't know that much else about her.  Apparently my sister didn't pursue any further encounters with Faye.

          Now with Faye's phone number in hand, I could contact her to see if she remembered having had any strange dream experiences involving me.  Instead I chose not to.   Since I was married and she was married I didn't want to become involved in any awkward circumstances.  

           Perhaps someday we'll run into one another and the topic can be brought up.  The sense of connection was so powerful in the dream I feel like it could have been a situation of dream communication.  Then again it might just be dreamer's nonsense.   I may never know, but I'm still a bit curious.

           Have you had a powerful sense about a dream that made you seek out old friends?   To what would you most likely attribute dreams that seem like communications?     Do you think it best that I did not contact Faye?

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  1. I've had dreams of loved ones passed, but am not sure if they were contacting me, or I was just thinking hard about them. I think you did the right thing by not contacting her. It's respectful to your wife.

  2. BOIDMAN ~
    My guess is that at the time of your dream, Faye really was thinking about you for one reason or another, and it probably was not just a fleeting thought.

    Maybe she was thinking about you again just before making the decision to commit permanently to the relationship with her now-husband. Who knows? We probably never will.

    But, like Em-Musing said, I think you did the right thing by not contacting her then at that point. The time for it had passed. If you are still meant to get reacquainted with her for some purpose aside from "romance", God will arrange it sometime in the future.

    Nevertheless, I'd bet a pretty penny that at the time of your dream, you were on Faye's mind as well, for whatever reason.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I would have to say, that a dream like this, would definitely signal to me that the other party was at the very least, thinking of me in some serious manner. I'm all about connections and believe that we are connected to some people more than others.

    As to whether or not you should have, or if I would have pursued finding the person, I would have to say that is a very personal decision with a whole lot of factors to be evaluated before making that discovery. I'm sure you did what was exactly right for you at the time. I do agree with Stephen, if you are meant to be reacquainted with her for any reason, I'm sure there will be another opportunity. BUT I do believe it is important not to let too many opportunities slip by, least they stop coming, by your choices.

  4. Yes I have definitely found myself searching for old friends and coworkers, esp. after a powerful dream about them. I have sometimes been successful, other times not so much.

    I kinda wish you had contacted Faye, although you are right it could have been awkward, if you both are indeed happily married. When an old high school chum located me on Facebook, we caught up on the past 30 years and he dropped a bombshell on me that he'd loved me since we had one class together in 1978/79. I was unhappily married for 22 years, so I left my husband and moved 3000 miles back east to my home to be with this man. Best decision I ever made. So yeah, it can be a slippery slope, contacting an old friend.

  5. I have had an occasional dream about friends who I lost contact with, and surprisingly on three occasions, and within a relatively short period of time, reestablished contact quite by accident! The Universe moves in mysterious ways. IMHO, if it's meant to be it will happen. :)

  6. Em -- One thing I don't need is marital problems. Delving into a strange unknown circumstance could have been a recipe for complication.

    StMc -- For the sake of scientific dream knowledge I'd like to know and perhaps one day I will know.

    Faraway eyes -- I'll be sure to let this blog know if there is a new development in this story. The connection did feel like a real possibility.

    JoJo -- I kind of wish I could have contacted Faye without any problems between anyone else. I hope I know the answer one day. The internet opens a lot of possibilities in finding old friends, etc.

    Paula -- I've also had dreams and circumstances of that nature you describe. The mysteries of life are intriguing, but they may also have logical and simple explanations that we often overlook.


  7. Sometimes the past is better left alone, entrenched in our past. Once brought into the present, it can have an impact on you and your life. That's my take, Lee.

    Let it go. . .it's just your curiosity.

  8. First of all, to you and Jo Jo, what is "happily married?" LOL Just kidding. I never can grasp the word "happy" as a general, overall, never ending feeling. I tend to use it to describe moments, days, times, etc. Like, yesterday, I was happily married. My husband, kids, and I spent half the day out doing something fun. I can think of another day when he was moody and moping around. That day, I was not happily married. Overall, I'm blessed to be married to him.

    Anyway, I digress.

    I forget most of my dreams immediately and even when I can remember a bit of one, I don't try to figure it out, so I can't relate to you all who have powerful dreams. Also, I live in the current and anticipate the future. If I go backwards too much (people, relationships, things, reminiscing, etc.), it keeps me from moving forward. I have been curious about a couple males, but will let chance get us together. Who can say what our subconscious reasons are for wanting to do so. And, what will the other person think. Will he or she get the wrong impression?

    Beginning to ramble here, so I'll stop. :)

  9. I got goosebumps reading this post, because a similar thing recently happened to me. It's hard to say if you're able to communicate with someone through dreams. Without being able to talk to them, you won't ever know. It's probably best that you didn't contact Faye. It would be awkward since you're both married. Makes you wonder what the future holds, doesn't it?

  10. That's really interesting. Dreams can be so powerful. Funny, my stronger dreams are usually about places instead of people. And, reading your previous post - I've never really smelled anything in dreams. I wish I could!


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