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        Again I am pleased and honored to welcome blogger par excellence Stephen T McCarthy whose wonderful writing can be found at Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends and Stuffs.  Over the the span of two posts Stephen will be offering a couple of dreams that suggest the possibilities of dream communication with others.


My maternal Grandpa, Floyd “Bulldog” Schulz, passed away in November, 1989. Some years later, my Grandma began throwing away and giving away (to non-family people) a number of his belongings that held special meaning to many of us. It wasn’t malicious at all, but she was at an advanced age and just wasn’t always thinking clearly.

My Grandfather


I was amidst a large group of people whom I believed to be movie “Extras”. We were waiting to be called to the set and gathered together in a large building with pews, like a church. At the other end of the pew in which I sat, was my Ma, and in the pew behind me were a few (fictional) friends.

I had the old Sears Silvertone electric guitar that my Grandfather had given to me years ago, and I passed it back for my friends to examine. Sitting beside one of these imaginary friends of mine, I saw the ghost of my Grandpa (for in the dream, I was aware that he was actually dead).

The ghost of my Grandpa did not appear like a specter, but seemed to be fully physically present and I was shocked by his presence and yet comforted to know that he was still around.

As I passed the guitar back, one of my friends almost lost his grip on it. I instinctively reached out to catch it if it fell, and my Grandfather did the same simultaneously. But my friend secured the guitar in his hands and began looking it over with interest.

My Grandpa then crossed one leg over the other and was gently and slowly kicking the upper leg back and forth as he used to do when he was content or self-satisfied. But I was the only person capable of seeing him. Later in the dream, I told my Ma that Grandpa had been present because I was sure she’d be delighted to know that.


I believe this was not so much a dream as it was an actual communication from my deceased Grandpa. The guitar was real and he gave it to me when I was 13 or 14 years old. I was taking guitar lessons at the time, and I used the old Sears Silvertone electric guitar until I lost interest in the lessons. The guitar just collected dust thereafter, but my Grandfather often made mention of it.

In 1978 or ’79, while working on the ‘JAMES AT 15’ television series, I was asked to bring the guitar with me to be used as a prop for a prom scene in the TV show (however, I don’t believe it was ever actually utilized on the episode we were filming).

The Pop/Rock duo England Dan & John Ford Coley (who had a number of hit songs in the ‘70s, including ‘I’d Really Love To See You Tonight’ and the excellent Todd Rundgren-penned spiritual ‘Love Is The Answer’) portrayed the band hired by the high school for its senior prom.

While on the set, working on that ‘James At 15’ episode, one of the two musicians, either England Dan or John Ford Coley (I didn’t know one from the other) saw my Sears Silvertone guitar and offered to buy it from me. I declined to sell it because I still considered it my Grandfather’s guitar.

When I moved to Phoenix from Los Angeles in May of 1995, I left the guitar in my Grandma’s basement. My Mom was anxious to get the guitar back for fear that my Grandma might sell it, give it away, or throw it away. While back in L.A. on September 9 for my Cousin’s wedding (19 days before having the dream described above), I retrieved the guitar from the basement and took it to my parents’ home.

I believe the dream – which referenced the actual history of the guitar having once been present on a Hollywood television set – was my Grandpa’s way of using me to get a message to my Ma that he was very pleased by her decision to get the guitar back into “secure hands”.

Three bits of evidence lead me to believe pretty strongly that this was not just a dream, but a genuine communication from a soul on “the other side”: 1) The dream was extremely vivid; 2) the dream occurred such a short time after I had actually “saved” my Grandpa’s guitar at my Mother’s urging; and 3) the way my Grandpa expressed his satisfaction with the situation by crossing one leg over the other, placing a hand on the top kneecap, and then gently, slowly, kicking the uppermost leg forward and backward.

Later, in real life, when I read the description of this dream to my Ma, she said that she didn’t know what I meant by my Grandpa’s “satisfied leg kick”; so I demonstrated it for her, and the moment she saw it, it all came back to her and she clearly remembered that he DID have a habit of doing that when he felt “all is well”.

And the truth is that if I had not seen my Grandfather do that in the dream, I myself would NEVER have consciously remembered that little idiosyncrasy of his. The forgotten “satisfied leg kick” was the major piece of evidence that convinced me I had really been in communication with my Grandpa while I was in the dream state and he was in the “Heavenly” state.

           What do you think about Stephen's dream and the interpretation?   Have you ever received a communique from beyond or from someone else still living?   Do you think Stephen should have sold the guitar if the price was right?
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  1. You obviously have more psychic connections than you know. Have you ever pursued finding and learning more?

    Looks like I left 'em speechless again, eh? What a knack I has fer dat!

    Thanks for hosting this blog bit, Bro. It looks great. I like how you used all 4 photos of the guitar but managed to make it not appear "too-much". You have a really good eye for blog formatting, Boidman!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. EM-MUSING ~
    First, thanks for reading and commenting!

    >>...You obviously have more psychic connections than you know. Have you ever pursued finding and learning more?

    Wow, is that ever a loaded question!

    In truth, no I don't really have more psychic (or what I would be more apt to label as "spiritual") connections than I know. Because I have had countless "psychic" experiences in my 53 years.

    In fact, I am a third generation student of the Edgar Cayce psychic readings, and I eventually surpassed in knowledge my Dad, and his Mother before him. For a couple of years, I even worked for Cayce's association based in Virginia Beach.

    I was always very much interested in psychic/spiritual phenomena. (In the coming weeks, Lee is going to post one more blog bit in which I relate another "psychic" experience I shared with a fellow student in an Edgar Cayce-based Christian church.)

    However, over the decades, I went through a number of experiences and studies which ultimately convinced me that seeking to "increase" one's psychic ability is stepping into the occult world, and that is a very, very dangerous activity.

    Certainly there are practices in which our spiritual attunement is heightened naturally. Such as Bible study, prayer, and meditation.

    But my opinion is this: God is omnipotent, and if He wants to teach me or show me something, He will do it regardless of anything I myself am currently doing.

    IMO, to do ANYTHING with the intent of experiencing more and greater "psychic" phenomena is getting off the spiritual track, and venturing into extremely dangerous occult territory.

    I guess, to put it in a nutshell, I would say: We ought not to be entertaining the idea of improving our "psychic" capacity; our primary purpose should be attempting to improve our walk WITH and FOR God.

    The above concept was succinctly and perfectly summed up by a devoted student of the Edgar Cayce psychic readings when he wrote:

    The readings express this point by warning us not to "meditate FOR" but to "meditate TO". Our concern should not be for the results that may come from regular meditation; rather, our aim should be to grow to a state of attunement with the spiritual Source.

    Then again, Em-Musing, I have fallen so far off "the spiritual path" in the last ten years that it's probably hypocritical of me to be speaking of it at all.

    Nevertheless, thanks again for your comment, as it opened an avenue of discussion.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. I wouldn't have sold the guitar. You can never replace sentimental objects.

    Weird dream, but who knows? It might be coming from that part of our brain 'they' say we don't use.

  5. Stephen-

    Not only did I not know of this blog, in all the years I've known you, I don't know that you ever told me you played guitar!

    We have had this conversation, so you know I do not believe that those who have gone before us can communicate with us....

    BUT....I also accept that my unwillingness to accept the possibility may close me off to the contact.

    And do not sell the guitar!

    I sold one that had less emotional signifiance than yours and I still regret it.

    I still have my acoustic (although I haven't pulled it out of the case in years-no big loss to the music world), but my axe has been a prodigal guitar for some 15 years...


  6. PS-

    I'm sure the Rundgren family appreciates the plug....I still think the Utopia version (Todd's band) is far superior....but the England Dan & John Ford Coley CD that originally appeared on is out-of-print and goes for a tidy sum.

    I don't think you should sell that either....

    LC again


    I'm pretty sure I must have mentioned the brief time when I took guitar lessons.

    I was rather young at the time and my hands and fingers were small. Although I did practice the lessons, the teacher (a heavy, grumpy ol' dude) would get very upset with me for not forming the chords correctly and he would YANK my fingers into the proper positions.

    After awhile, he just "scared the solo out of me" and I abandoned the lessons.

    However, I'm not making Ol' Grumpy Guitarist the scapegoat for the demise of my destined career in music. With hindsight, I realize that had music really been my destiny and/or if my desire was deep enough, I would have learned to play with or without a professional teacher. I could have become a self-taught master guitarist like Wes Montgomery and Danny Gatton did.

    >>...I do not believe that those who have gone before us can communicate with us. BUT....I also accept that my unwillingness to accept the possibility may close me off to the contact.

    I'm pretty certain that is the case. The first necessary ingredient is "faith", as The Bible says. And as 'ILLUSIONS: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah' says:

    "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours."

    No, I will NEVER sell the guitar. And although I did like Utopia's original recording of 'Love Is The Answer', I'm afraid I must side with the E.D. & J.F.C. cover because of the killer saxophone solo.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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