Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dreams of My Next President

Politics Balloons
Politics Balloons (Photo credit: Newfrontiers)
          Only once can I recall having a dream about a president or anything having to do with politics.   That dream was recounted in my post called "Obama In A Parade".   This particular dream did not impress me so much as being of any political portent as much as the vividness of the characterization of President Obama.  The bottom line is that my dreams are never political in any way.

          This does not seem to be the case with everyone.  The other night I was looking on YouTube for a video related to the Frankenstorm Sandy and in my search I was led to a number of videos with people describing their dreams about the current president of the United States and the upcoming election.  There may have been hundreds of these videos--I did not look through all of them as I did not want to devote the time to this pursuit.   I did find it rather odd that there were so many people who were having Obama dreams and election dreams.

          Many--perhaps most--of these dreams were deemed to be prophetic in nature.  The prophecies were generally not too good.   Some of them were quite ominous.   Not sure what that all means, but it might be interesting to look back on some of these videos in a year or so--that is if we're still around.

         Stephen T. McCarthy will be returning for the next two weeks with some more of his dream observations.   If you missed his last post Goldenshadow, I hope you will go back to read it.  Stephen has been standing in for me as I deal with some issues in my life.   I am greatly appreciative to this talented writer and man of deep relevant thought.  He is a gem among bloggers.

          Don't forget to vote if you are a U.S. citizen!

           Do you ever have political dreams?    Do you think there is any reason for the large number of election and Obama dreams other than the impending election?   Do you believe that dreams can prophesy things to come?

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  1. I wish I could vote even if I'm not a US citizen!
    I never had a political dream in my whole life, not that I can recall, at least.
    It definitely must mean something if Romney's nobody's dream...
    I believe that dreams very rarely prophesy things to come, at least in the way you intended. Yet, dreams advise us, they warn us about things; a warning is already a prophecy, after all, isn't it? A piece of advice or a warning is given with an eye looking to the future of things, and the advice or warning serves as a means to change something about a possible future. There's something prophetic in it. If a dream is telling you that you're too arrogant, for example, it is also prophesying this: "Look, if you don't stop it, your behavior might get you into something not nice some day". It's a prophecy, isn't it?

  2. While I do believe that dreams can be a prophecy of sorts, I think they are more personal. I do think if I started dreaming of national or global political prophecy, the whole world should be afraid. Dreams that might warn me personally or someone close to me, of some future connection to national or global political events would be more likely.

  3. Super-kind words, BOIDMAN. Thanks!
    I'll get those photos I mentioned Emailed to you sometime this weekend.

    By the way, your next president will be Mitt. He ain't gonna save the U.S. but at least we'll be rid of 'Mister Hope And Change'. (That dirty diaper could definitely use a "change".)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Hey Lee, I hope the issues in your life are resolved without much pain. I have never ever had a political dream in my life...I don't want to talk politics here, on a dream blog...Thank you for the help you've given me along the way..peace to you Lee.

  5. Jay-- I do think a warning and a prophecy could be considered as synonymous. The question becomes whether on not we understand that warning and can interpret the prophecy.

    Faraway -- Most of us are probably too unconnected to the broader scope of world to see those prophecies. It's much easier to interpret what connects to immediate things.

    StMc-- I'm not going to be placing any bets. I still think this could be anyone's election to lose.

    Eve -- If I ever start having political dreams then I might get concerned. But dreams are fair game for any topic. I was surprised to see all of those election related YouTube videos and wondered what it signified.


  6. I've never had a dream about politics or politicians, at least that I can recall.

    Not sure why folks are dreaming about Obama, perhaps some insecurities in their lives are surfacing as the outcome of the election is very close.

    I do believe that some folks have the ability to dream about future events.

  7. I've never had a political dream.

    I'm not American, but based on what I've seen of Romney on TV, his presidency would be a nightmare. Obama may have lost his charm (I followed his first campaign and presidency for a while) but he seems like the saner option.

    I find it interesting that America has a say in the world, but the world doesn't have a say in American politics :)


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