Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Mystery Explained

Art by Ada

         Why have I created this blog devoted to dreams and things related?  Why not?  This is the subject matter and inspiration of my most intensely focused early writing experience.  It's a topic that is close to my heart and lives within me.   And dreams are a place where I live when I sleep.

          Which life is the real one?   Which dream is most meaningful in the end?  I yearn to learn the language of the subconscious mind and relate it fluently to others.  Can that be done?  

           How can I keep a blog about dreams sustainable?  For one thing, I have a file of recorded dreams that is large enough to keep a one-post-a-week blog going for years.  The dreams keep coming.  This morning I dreamed, yesterday I dreamed, as well as the day before and the day before that.  I'm confident that there are many more dreams coming that will be equally remembered.  Sleeping perchance to dream is something which I do not fear and even look forward to.

           I am a dreamer.

           This blog will probably have a limited audience, but it is a subject matter of wide interest.  I hope to go beyond my dreams and explore the dreams of others as well.  I will welcome guest posts from anyone who is interested in telling about their own thoughts about the topic of dreaming.  Poetry?  I'll consider that.  Stories or art?  Surrealism will be the focus here and if you have something to contribute I'll be very interested in your submissions to this blog.

            On this blog I will be featuring the artwork of Ada Zdanowicz, a very talented young artist who specializes in painting and collage.   Be sure to visit her website.   She will be happy to create artwork per your specifications.  She also creates custom video.  

            Do you have a dream that you'd like to tell us about?   Is there a topic about dreaming that you'd like to discuss?  Has any of your creative output been influenced by your dreams?  I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. I rarely remember my dreams but coincidentally, soon after I got the link to your blog, I remembered one about the Muppets. I posted it on my blog here:

    I've always been interested in dreams as well.

  2. Hi Lee I thank you for your visit and I would be honoured to do a poem about dreams, Would it have to be one of mine or a dream I have to fulfill?
    Good luck with your new blog.

  3. Last night I had an extremely vivid dream on the heels of very positive emotional upheaval, yesterday. In it, my mother was an infant in the water tethered to me by what felt like an umbilical cord-- but I was the adult.

    I have a feeling the back and forth on this blog is going to be very worthwhile. Excited about what you're trying to accomplish, here.

  4. I've always struggled with dreams. Ever since I was you, I'd have terrifying dreams, and even now I regularly wake up screaming - but I no longer dread them, they intrigue me!
    Looking forward to keeping up with you here

  5. Jen-- Thanks for the link. You did a great job of recording the dream memory. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Yvonne -- I emailed you the details. I look forward to receiving your poem and sharing it here.

    Suze -- Not sure about your circumstances as they relate to your mother, but it sounds like this could be an easy one to understand. I am hoping for some very active dialog on this site since the topic can be controversial and very interesting. The dreams themselves might require a bit of back and forth to understand them. With only one post per week it should allow ample time for discussion of each post. I'm looking forward to upcoming posts whether or not dialog occurs. I really like this subject.

    Laura -- I wonder why you had such terrifying dreams when you were young. Have you tried to understand that? Perhaps the bad ones are the only ones you remember? If you are intrigued by the dreams now you must be having a greater comprehension of what they are trying to tell you. I do believe we also have the power to control our dreams to a great extent and that is something I hope we can learn more about in future posts and discussions.


  6. I dream of having my art work on the Cover of a magazine! Be still my heart ;D I have submitted a lot of art lately. I do have a recurring dream that is odd, well use to, not any more. I end up all alone and the world has drastically changed...

    I'm intrigued by your new blog :D

  7. Lee, I've long been intrigued by the topic, too. And, yeah, the interp to my dream seems quite obvious. :)

  8. Ella -- I think you can do it. Persist and follow your dream if you believe in it and I'm sure something will happen. In a more minor realm, I'm looking for artwork to illustrate my posts on all of my blogs. If you are interested let me know. My daughter Ada is doing illustrating for my blogs now.

    Suze -- I'm looking forward to plenty of input from you in this forum.


  9. As my wife says, I know how to screw up a perfectly good dream, because at some point I realize it is a dream and I wake up - even if it was something really good.

  10. Good luck achieving your dreams, Arlee.

    My dream has been the same for 5 1/2 years - to become a published writer. Not only published, but making a living as a writer.

  11. I do have one dream that I will try to write into a story. It is funny, because I was considering this about a week ago, before I learned about this blog.

    The dream was more of an experience than a dream, a few years after my grandpa died. He came to visit and everything was real, except that nobody else could see us. I will never forget it; and that was around 30 years ago.

    Kathy M.

  12. Oh I'm a dreamer too or maybe a nightmarer or a night terror-or. I rarely sleep without brain activity. I guess that's a good thing. I'm sure my weirdness and the fact that I have vivid creepy dreams are connected.

    Cool blog.

  13. Alex -- Dreams are like movies for me. I like to watch and enjoy.

    Theresa -- I think you'll make it. There are a lot of us out here with a dream like yours.

    Kathy M -- The dreams about those who have passed on are ones that really intrigue me. When I dream about my father, it's a dream that usually makes me feel very good and comforted.

    Teresa -- I heard that dreams are necessary to maintain sanity. Maybe that's where our crazy side stays--in our dreams.


  14. We need to dream to make sense of every day, even if we don't remember our dreams. Mine slip from my consciousness very quickly though one or two remain to this day.
    I abide by the old saw - 'A Friday night dream on a Saturday told will always come true, however old.' ;-)


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