Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dream Code

Art by Ada
         In my dream I was trying to copy and paste a code to my blog.

         These days it is not unusual for me to dream about blogging since it is activity that takes up a good bit of my time and something that I frequently think about.   I typically dream about activities that are part of my normal life although the imagery might be quite abnormal and confusing.

         In this dream about the computer language code, I was apparently having some difficulty in getting the code pasted onto the page I was working with.  Studying the code it appeared to me that it was different than when I had first seen it.  In a state of perplexity, I saw the code differently each time I looked at it until I eventually realized that this code was no longer usable.

         Dream imagery is like a code that needs to be translated before it can be clearly understood.  An image from one dream may mean something entirely different in another dream.  It is usually necessary to look at the entire context of a dream to better understand what a thing symbolizes.

          If you dream of a snake for example, the snake may represent uncertain fears, an impending trip, or just a snake.  Think about the image in context of things you have seen or thought about recently.  Then also consider how that particular image fit into what happened in the dream and how you reacted to the dream image.

          In my opinion, dream dictionaries are sometimes fun diversions and interesting contemplatives, but they are not all-encompassingly accurate.  A thing symbolized to me may mean something entirely different to you.

          When you are trying to interpret or understand your dreams you must decipher the code.  Every detail should be considered and each thing must be taken in proper context.  Especially for those who say they don't remember their dreams, think back and try to remember a detail and then try to relate that detail to another and another until you begin to see the entire picture more clearly.

           Think of a dream as a page of computer language code or text written in a completely foreign language.   At first what you see may seem a garbled mess, confusing and nonsensical.  But as you study more and learn the code you begin to see the patterns and understanding becomes clearer.

            Do you have recurring images in your dreams?   What in your dreams tends to make you afraid?  What dream imagery makes you feel a sense of peace or happiness?




  1. I haven't had any recurring images in a long time. And as far as dream interpretation goes, I've found the Jungian approach to "feel" the most right, because as you said, how an image is used in one dream, may not mean the same the next time it is used.

  2. Sorry. That's my deletion. It was a bit "off." Here goes again:

    "In my dream I was trying to copy and paste a code to my blog." I think I may have dreamed a "blog nightmare" kind of dream when I first struggled to figure it all out! Definitely a dream rooted in frustration.

    Yes, dream symbols. What DO they mean in our individual dreams? There's a lot of distortion going on.

    Then there are "visionary" dreams. I'm thinking Daniel in the Bible, interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

    Fascinating stuff!

    I'm now onboard!!

  3. Bish -- I'd probably lean toward the Jungian approach although there is much substance to Freud's approach as well as others. I probably don't have recurring images as much as recurring situations involving different imagery that evoke the same feelings.

    Ann -- Those visionary dreams are fascinating. I think it is a gift that not many have, but on the other hand maybe we all have it and don't recognize it. There are many reasons to study dreams to figure them out. Thank you for joining us here.


  4. Crumbling houses. Houses that need restoration. This is alarmingly recurrent.

  5. Forgot to tell you how much I like the header painting. It totally captures the spirit of your blog. It's truly a nightmare incarnate!

  6. I have a recurring dream that I am waiting tables at a restaurant and I am the only waitress. Everyone is yelling at me to bring them's so stressful. I haven't waited tables for years but I have this dream at least once a week.

  7. Cool blog Lee!

    I find the subject of dreams fascinating, although I rarely dream or remember my dreams.

    However, I'm good at analyzing dreams - my family often asks me to put on my "amazing technicolor dream coat" and do some interpreting.

  8. My stress dreams are where I am put into an impossible teaching situation: too many students, destroyed school rooms, etc.
    Feel good dreams: about being with my deceased mother and brothers.
    Peace: being a place of natural beauty.

    I think I will be checking this site out.

  9. Suze -- I too have frequent dreams of surroundings that are in deterioration or chaos.

    Ann -- Thank you. So far all art is by Ada Zdanowicz.

    Ada -- My most frequent dreams of frenzy have to do with past jobs.

    Paula -- I can usually come up with a pretty reasonable interpretation of a dream if I have enough info about the dreamer.

    Susan -- I have similar dream themes as you. Glad to have you as a frequent visitor.



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