Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am a dreamer

           I dream.  We all dream according to sleep researchers.  I've heard it said that if you didn't dream then you would go insane.  Your mind would create dreams that would then be forced upon you by your subconscious.  Your hallucinations would become indistinguishable from your reality.  Your reality would be dreamlike.

           In a sense I suppose one could say our dreams are a form of controlled madness.  Not in a bad sense usually, but in a strange, often incoherent sense--even a lack of making any sense.  We see, we hear, we experience things good, bad, and indifferent.  Entranced for a while in sleep until our mind awakens us.  Perhaps we remember, perhaps not.

          My dreams are events seen at a distance as though looking through an ethereal telescope.  I have a faraway view of things that seem to make sense as I see them and yet don't make sense when I think about them.  The dreams are mysteries to be solved.  Or are they explanations that are delivered in a language I have yet to decipher?

          What do these faraway views mean--these dreams?  Why do we dream?  What purpose do our dreams serve?

            I see a faraway view clearly until I try to remember what I have seen.   It slips from memory quickly if I do not preserve it to my memory.  It must be written.  Few are the dreams that stay with my mind.  And if they stay why do they stay?

           I dream because I am a dreamer.   I want to remember sleep in my wakefulness.  I want to awaken my memory of a faraway view that I have seen.

          How about you?  Have you deciphered the language of your dreams?  Do you run from your dreams or do you try to embrace them and let them fill you with their mysteries?



  1. If I have problems than I dream about them time and time again. But most times I can't remember my dreams unless Daniel is somewhere there.


  2. Hi Arlee, this all looks great so far! I want to know more about dreams, but am not sure that I want to remember every dream that I have.

    I dream in color, and sometimes have whole movies during the night go through my head ... do others do that? If I oversleep, I have weird dreams until I finally give up and wake up.

    I'll start to pay more attention, now that you have created your blog. Best of luck!

    Kathy M.

  3. I dream every night and they are always very vivid dreams. Sometimes I can't tell if they were actually real or not.

    Kathy, the same thing happens to me when I oversleep!

    But overall I love dreams...as weird as they are, they are what inspires me most of the time when it comes to my art.

  4. I dream about my wishes. Though I rarely remember my dreams, the ones that I do remember are often about the people I miss but who are no longer among the living.


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