Thursday, May 29, 2014

Please Hold and Enjoy the Music

           In the previous post I pondered about the options that were before me concerning this underperforming blog.   I have come to a decision.   I have decided to postpone making a decision and let this blog stay on hold for the summer.

            Since I'll be traveling for several weeks and my internet time will be sporadic, I'm going to find ways to limit my blogging presence so as not to feel a need to do too much networking for the purpose of promoting blog posts.  I'll continue to make every attempt to respond to any comments my blogs receive and I'll will do my best to reciprocate comments--something that I haven't been doing very well at as it is.

          For this blog I'll resort to the old standby of posting videos.  Visitors here will still find weekly activity in the form of my music pick for that week.   The clips may be dreamy, about dreams, or music that makes me think of dreams.   You can stop by each week for a dose of dream music and let me know what you think.

        It's kind of a cop out I know.   In a way I'd compare my tactic to those phone answering services that put you on hold and have music playing while you wait.   Hopefully my choices in music will be better than some of that hold music we have to listen to sometimes.

         So my first song doesn't have much to do with dreams, but it seems appropriate to what's happening:

          If you can't stay for the summer, I hope you'll come back in September to see where A Faraway View will be going next.


  1. So lucky you'll be traveling!!! I wish we could do that more often but being self employed, if he's not driving, there's no paid vacation.

  2. First McCarthy and now you!

    Everybody wants a music blog all of a sudden!

    Safe travels, my friend,



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