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Dream Fabricated Problem Stories

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         In the previous post we looked at dreams that were related to conflicts with other people.  These could be conflicts within dreams that are not recognized in real life or actual waking life conflicts transported to the dreaming situation.   Either way these dreams are probably indicative that an actual conflict or fear of a potential conflict exists.

          But what about dreams where we are trying to solve a problem of circumstance not necessarily involving relationships with other people?   The problems could be actual problems that we have been facing in our daily lives, difficult situations that we may be anticipating in the future, problematic events from our past, or dream story problems that seem to have no relationship to anything in our waking life.  In this current post we'll look at the latter of these types of dreams that have to do with problems or dilemmas.

          The dream story might involve some sort of problem that occurs during the story or it may even be a series of problems.  The situational difficulties might be what the dream is all about or they may be obstacles that hinder the progress of the dream story .

           An example in my own dream life comes from a recent dream that I had.

          ... In the dream I have been contacted to work at a trade show or some similar event.   As I begin planning for the event, gathering equipment together, and doing research about what I am going to be presenting, I learn that I am also going to be playing in an orchestra that will be performing as a part of the display I am to be working in.
            The more I prepare, the more confused I become.  I can't find things that I need.  I have many self doubts about my skills as a musician and whether my instrument is still playable.  I'm not even totally sure where I am supposed to go.  After leaving for the venue, I encounter bad weather and other obstacles that threaten my schedule.   I am flustered and insecure about everything I am doing.
        Things are even worse when I arrive.   Everything is in German--signs, contracts, show literature--and I can't understand anything.  The music that I am expected to play is difficult for me to read and I have doubts about my abilities to easily sight read what I am expected to play.  The thought crosses my mind that I could play by ear, but then I have doubts that I could even adequately play my instrument at all.  I am nervous and dismayed...

          When I woke up I felt tired and somewhat disheartened.  As I thought back, I realized where the idea for the dream story had come from.   The previous night I had been watching the film "The Glenn Miller Story" on television.  There was a sequence where the band's vehicles broke down in bad weather as they were trying to get to their show in Boston.  My dream reminded me of that sequence in the film.  In fact within the dream I was thinking about this sequence of the film.

           Typically in these dreams with stories where the problems are imagined within the dream, there are things that happen to hinder progress.  This might come in the way of catastrophic events, poor planning or lack of preparation, a series of minor inconveniences that blow up into bigger problems, being thrown unexpectedly into a situation, distractions that get in the way of a mission at hand, confusion from sources unrelated to the original intent of the dream story, or any number of other intruding factors.

          The activities in this sort of dream can be very exasperating to the dreamer causing fatigue and dismay.  These dreams are probably related to some factor in the dreamers waking life--a real life problem or worry that becomes symbolically represented by the dream story.   These types of dreams might be repeated over a period in the guise of different stories incorporating similar thoughts and feelings.

            When you are faced with a dream such as this or especially a series of dreams of this nature, it might not be a bad idea to evaluate your life to see what waking life difficulties may be troubling you.  These difficulties may not even be apparent to you and the dream might be a message that something is potentially wrong.   The dreams might provide insight to your waking life once you've recognized the symbolism involved.  If you're so fortunate, the dreams might also be providing you the possible solutions to the problems you are facing.

            Have you ever experienced dream problems that frustrate and tire you?   Do your dreams ever provide you reasonable solutions to the dream problem or the waking life problem?    Do you ever have dreams that adapt something you've seen, heard, or read into a dream story that involves you?

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  1. Oh I know I have had those dreams before but I just can't think of them offhand. I used to have recurring dreams that I encountered a ton of problems with my commute home to Marin County from San Francisco. Weird buses or trains, circuitous routes, crowds of people, missing the last bus, etc. I really hated that commute too, but I loved my job so I did it for 3 years before our office moved to Berkeley and I was able to drive myself.

  2. Half the time I have difficulty remembering my dream. At some point in the day sometimes it will come back to me, but only bits and pieces. I think it's because I don't wake up to an alarm anymore, so I'm never disturbed in the middle of a dream.

  3. What an interesting theme for a blog. I used to keep a dream journal which was enormously helpful in waking life. Somewhere along the way, I stopped remembering my dreams. I so wish I could get the ability back to remember them. They often presented helpful ways to deal with issues in my life.

  4. Lee - I find that in many of my problem dreams don't resolve. Instead, they are extreme symbols of the stress. Like getting on a stage before a huge audience and having no idea what I'm supposed to be doing - the performer's nightmare. Such dreams don't resolve and leave me feeling agitated - but there is usually a real-life reason for having them and they serve as red flares for me to look at real life... Jeri

  5. JoJo -- I'm inclined to believe that our dreams have more to do with the present than the past though I think the messages are often delivered in representations of the past.

    Stephanie -- Remembering dreams takes training and focus.

    Blanca --When we pay less attention the dreams seem less significant and easier to forget.

    Jeri -- I think this is probably true in most cases. If we can figure out the messages being delivered we can sort things out better in waking life.



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