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The Cinematic Dream

A Night at the Movies (film)
A Night at the Movies (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
         In previous posts I've looked at the topics of dreams as they relate to movies.  My two most recent posts explored the topics of dreams that remake movies that we've recently watched and dreams that are presented in a "movie" format.  This current post will discuss the dreams that are cinematic by nature, but don't come across as what we define as a movie.

         A cinematic dream is one that is one that we watch but do not act as a participant.  The dream appears as though we are watching a film or at times even directing the action.   Sometimes there may be a specific story that we watch unravel and in certain cases we may know what is going to happen almost as though we have authored the story.   Since the dream is coming from our mind I think it might be accurate to say that we are indeed the authors of these dreams.

        The dreams that are not specifically presented as movies, we might "watch" them as such and think in movie terms as though we are an audience.  We might sense that we are in an audience or we might perceive that we are alone watching the dream.  The dream can appear on some unidentifiable medium or it can be specifically seem to be on television or on a movie screen.   The dream is a passive event much like watching a film.

         These are dreams that seem conducive to dream recording.  I would like to be able to record all of my dreams in order to replay them later so I could understand them better.  The dreams that seem cinematic might be the easiest ones to watch since we would be replicating the dream experience that we had already had.  Would seeing the dreams while we were awake and of waking mind drive us mad?  Dreams are often incomprehensible enough when we  think about them.  Perhaps seeing them could be dangerous to our mental state.  If it were possible to watch our dreams I think I would want to watch them by myself.   I would definitely want to screen all my dreams before allowing anyone else to watch them.  Sometimes dreams can be mighty peculiar.

        Do you sometimes "watch" dreams rather than participate in them?   Do you think artists dream in the mediums in which they work?   Perhaps did Shakespeare dream in plays?   Verdi in operas?  Salvador Dali in surrealistic imagery?     Have you ever created something based on a dream?  Would you like to be able to record your dreams so that you could watch them while awake?

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  1. I've had plenty if dreams where I just watched the events and yes, I've used those in my writing. Memories of Murder is one of those books. The idea for it came from a dream I watched unfold like a movie.

    And yes, recording them to watch later would be all kinds of fun, I think, unless it's a dream filled with zombies - those I can leave alone!

  2. I'd have to say yes, but offhand I can't think of anything specific I created based on a dream. I do wish there was a way to record them so you can watch them back the next day.

  3. I usually dream in this format. I am almost never actually in my own dreams. It's is usually people I don't consciously know or else famous actors. Usually I am aware that I am watching something. Occasionally I am aware that I am watching a dream. I can usually recall these dreams in vivo detail, although usually either the end or beginning is lost to me. I write a lot, but I never dream in that medium. It's sort of in reverse. My dreams often ens up as fuel for my writing.

  4. I have dreams like this almost every night. I view them usually like I'm the camera itself, up close and personal with the scene. And these dreams tend to have flowing plots that actually make sense, unlike regular dreams. Because of that fact, I can usually recall most of what happened once I'm awake. I like to write down what happens in these dreams so I might be able to use them later somehow. In fact, I already have five chapters of a novel written that I've based on dreams like this. Whether or not I end up publishing depends on the future~ I think it's a great idea for others who have dreams like this to do the same thing, even if it's only for themselves.

  5. Sometimes my dreams occur in third person but I am part of the action, which is to say my field of vision is the "camera", able to cut to cinematic angles, but I am within the shot, as an actor in my own story, able to feel and sense the actions around me, but through the view of different "camera angles" that actively change as the story progresses. I might as well be watching a movie. On occasion, I can even rewind the action if I'm dissatisfied with it.


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