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Movies in our Dreams: What's Playing in Your Head?

I'll See You in My Dreams (1951 film)
I'll See You in My Dreams (1951 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        In the previous post we discussed how specific movies might affect our dreams.  Sometimes my dreams take on a cinematic format.  The dream becomes my own movie in my mind.  There seems to be greater continuity than many typical dreams I have.  I feel as though I am part of an audience watching the dream movie in my internalized dream theater.

        Have you experienced any of these?

Movies with stories and actors --The dream seems to have a running storyline with a clearly identifiable plot.  There are dream actors whom you perceive to be actual actors in the dream movie.  Sometimes these actors may be actual actors whom you know from the entertainment media or they might be unidentifiable actors.   In some instances you may even find yourself in certain dream roles that you are able to watch as you simultaneously experience the action.

Special Effects--Your dream seems to have a special effects team creating disasters, fantastic creatures, or other unusual visuals that you sense to be fabricated and not something that is real.   Often if this happens you don't feel any sense of fear in situations where fear should be the normal reaction because you know that this is only a dream movie and the things you are seeing are not real.

Settings--The dream setting is obviously fake.  Buildings appear to be empty shells or merely false fronts. Backdrop scenery lacks complete dimension and seems to be a static representation rather than an actual place.   Rather than a geographically identifiable location the dream seems to occur in an artificial environment.

Previews and Advertisements--At some point during the dream you may see previews for other "movies" or even the current dream movie.   There might also be commercials or advertisements for products that are real or imagined.

Credits--Prior to or at the end of the dream you might recall seeing titles and credits

Commentary--As you "watch" your dream movie you might offer comments or hear a commentary in the background from someone else who is describing the story or certain aspects about what is happening.

        Do you ever watch movies in your dreams?   Which of the above situations have you had occur in a dream?    Do you think you actually dream the "movie" or  organize the memory after waking up as a movie in order to relate to the dream experience more easily?

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  1. I can't say that I've had movies, per se, but dreams based on things I've seen definitely. I think I already mentioned I used to have intense/creepy dreams that were centered around the TV Show '24', and in those cases, Kiefer 'Jack Bauer' Sutherland and Elisha 'Kim Bauer' Cuthbert were in them.

  2. Don't dream movies, but have dreams based on the horror in some movies. Don't enjoy that at all. Especially when it involves zombies!

  3. I can't say I've ever had movie-lie dreams. At least I can't recall them. I think my husband has had things like this. (He watches far more movies than I do, anyway!)

  4. JoJo-- Movies probably influence a lot of dreamers in our age.

    Yolanda -- Get a story out of the dream and maybe you'll take to the zombies better.

    Sherry -- Maybe the importance of movies in ones life has an impact on how they influence dreaming.



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