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What's on the Dream Menu? Food in Dreams

Piggy always dreams of food.
Piggy always dreams of food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dream Saturday February 9, 2013:

        I am at the home of Cathy, my first wife.  Her sick father is somewhere in the house.  Her sister has become mentally ill and she too is somewhere in the house.   There are people present whom I know in the context of the dream but not in real life.  At one point food is delivered from an Italian restaurant.  I'm either unhappy because of what I ordered or because my food wasn't delivered with the other meals.  Cathy and this other guy are sitting at a  6 ft folding table with large plates of spaghetti with large tasty-looking meatballs.  I wish I had some.

       Later I am traveling and stop at a gas station.  I go inside where there is a take out Chinese food place.  The food looks very good and I ponder what I want to eat.

       When I awake I am very hungry.

        It's common for me to dream about food if I am hungry while asleep.  The food I dream about will be very savory looking which tends to whet my appetite even more.  If I am hungry while asleep, my mind will conjure up foods that I enjoy in real life.  The dishes entice me, but I seem to never be able to eat in the dreams which makes sense to me.

        However, in cases where I might be sick or not particularly hungry and I dream about food, the food that I dream about will be uninviting.  It may have an unsavory appearance as though it is unsanitary with strange unclean ingredients.   Or the food may have been dropped on the floor or prepared in dirty food vessels.  There have also been cases where the food was some sort of insect or animal product that might be still moving or dead still, but in either case very uninviting as a food product.  There have been a couple dreams where the food looked good at first glance but on closer examination turned out to be something very disgusting like feces.

       There's nothing difficult about the first scenario.  If I'm hungry I'll dream about good food in the anticipation of being able to eat upon awakening.   The second scenario is a bit more difficult.  Perhaps my physical state finds food repulsive and the dream is reflecting that.  It could also be that something I'd eaten prior to the sleep did not sit well with me and caused bad food dreams.   In some cases the food might symbolize something in my daily life that I am afraid of or not happy with.

        Have you had any particular food dreams that you can remember?   Have your food dream experiences been similar to what I've described here?   What else do you suppose food in dreams could symbolize other than food?

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  1. It's strange what people dream, I had a not so nice one last night, funerals. I hope it isn't an omen.

    By the way your other post today I clicked on the link One hundred ways.
    and nothing happened.


  2. I had an accident about 5 yrs ago that took out most of my digestive system. I have really limited ability to eat anything solid. I can but its almost not worth it.So I find myself living vicariously through my dreams. It seems salty is what I crave most which makes sense because its what I get the least through liquids.

  3. Its funny, until I read your post I didn't realise I have never had a dream where there was food in it. I read somewhere that most people dream in black and white, though many of my dreams the colours are very vivid. Hope you have a great weekend.!

  4. I'm not a big food dreamer. Last night's dream, however, took me by surprise. I dreamed about the show my husband and I have been watching together "Alias." The only catch was that I was Sydney, the main character. We were at some sort of reception with lots of food, and in the process of kung fuing my escape, I managed to make most of that food fly in all sorts of directions. I even picked up a huge platter of something and threw it like a frisbee toward one of my attackers. Needless to say, I wasn't only kung fuing in my dreams. My poor husband and our dog dodged a few kicks too. lol

  5. Yvonne -- I guess we could find an optimistic interpretation of your funeral dream.

    Zoe -- Your situation might be an interesting case for dream researchers.

    Amanda -- My dreams always seem to be quite colorful as well.

    MJ -- You better be careful what you watch before bedtime!


  6. Loved this one about food Arlee thanks for sharing. Often my dreams are about food, eating with others, but often people arrive expectedly or unexpectedly and I am thoroughly unprepared. Food is nourishing and I THINK that this implies something in real life ... whether we are being nourished or not ,,,

  7. Susan -- I wish my body could subsist on dream food without any weight gain. I think you're right about the significance of dreaming about food.



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