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Pushing the Dream Story

This is a close up shot of the Carousel at Hou...
This is a close up shot of the Carousel at House on the Rock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
         There is a phenomena that sometimes occurs for me at the end of an REM sleep cycle (that is the cycle when dreams occur) where I will try to hang on to my dream story and push it further.  I may focus intently upon the dream story while I am awake and then push the story into a continued REM cycle or an on and off dream-like state.  Sometimes I am very successful at continuing the story within the dream, while at other times I suspect the dream story is being forced in a conscious artificial dream state.

         A recent dream is an example of that phenomena to which I refer.  Before my waking, I am dreaming of a tourist attraction  in Spring Green, Wisconsin called "The House on the Rock".  This is a place I haven't visited in waking life for over thirty years.  At the point where my dream memory begins I have arrived at this attraction.....

        My wife and I arrive at the House on the Rock after some period of travel.  We are accompanied by a young man who resembles  my son-in-law Tom, a young woman I do not recognize, our granddaughter Marley, and a young woman tour guide.   We have completed touring the house itself and are about to go to an observation area where we can see the scenic view.  
        In my mind I imagine the view to be a vast panorama that overlooks a river valley where a small town sits along the river and gentle mountains in the distance beyond the town and river.  I know the view is spectacular because I remember having seen it in the past.  I am anxious for all of my traveling companions to see the view.
       However, everyone is tarrying with other preoccupations.  For one they all need to go to the bathroom.  I go to the observation room which is mostly enclosed with only a small square window too high to look through.  There are support railings where viewers can stand and hold onto.  This is all new to me--an addition since I was last in this place.   I am somehow aware that the room is movable and when everyone is in place it will go into viewing position at which time the walls will retract allowing those present in the room to see the panoramic view around us.
        Tom tries to go to another "viewing room" because he doesn't realize how they operate and is concerned he can't see out of the window.  I direct him to the room to which we've been assigned.  The young woman has changed into a white skirt and blouse outfit in the bathroom and while she was there accidentally peed on herself.   We tell her not to worry about it, but I can see that the front of her outfit is soaking wet.  I am trying to get them situated in our viewing room as I am anxious for everyone to see the view.  I mentally reconstruct various ways this viewing room operates...

     Then I wake up.  I try to return to sleep in order to keep dreaming the story.  I try to push my mind back into the dream.  At times I think I may be dreaming, but then again I may only be in a half sleep having some sort of lucid dreams.   We never seem to make it to the point where the walls open and we can see the view, but I visualize various parts of "The House" attraction and imagine how everyone will react when they see them.

       Eventually I am too awake to dream.  My attempts to stay and push the dream story end and I get out of bed for the day.

       This is something that has occurred in a similar way at other times.   I want the dream experience to continue because I anticipate the enjoyment of the dream activity to come.  On other occasions I will be interested in the dream story itself and want to finish it in the same way I might want to finish a movie I am watching in waking life.  In those cases the story is very interesting and these dreams will often cause me to write them down to be turned into a written story.

        Do you ever have dreams that you are so interested in that you will try to push them past waking?   Can you successfully go back to sleep and continue a dream that you are having?  Have you ever written a story based on a dream that you've had or finished a dream story in your mind after you've woken up?

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  1. I have at times gone back to sleep and continued a dream but not so lately.


  2. I've had some neat dreams lately and I do try to push them, if for no other reason than to remember them, but they start fading away as soon as I start to wake up. the only one I remember was the other night, I was beach combing for glass and dancing down the beach while the Grateful Dead's 'Truckin' was playing really loud. Not my fave Dead song but always a crowd pleaser at shows.

  3. Oh, yes, especially in flying dreams. I learned in dreams to "will" myself to fly, or run, or drive faster, to leap farther and higher. It's most exhilarating. Conversation dreams as well. Embracing and then visiting with a beloved who has died, remembering and, in a way, going forward. It's as if the conversation has continued. It's wonderful, isn't it, that we get to have this added dimension to our lives. My dream life is very active and very much a part of my waking day.

  4. It seems the energy of trying to stay present in the dream wakes you up. You're almost in two states of consciousness simultaneously. A curious fate, indeed. Hmmm... very, very interesting... :)

  5. Yvonne -- I hope your dreams improve.

    JoJo -- Dreaming of the Grateful Dead is kind of cool I guess. That sounds like a dream that portends good things. Would the song "Truckin'" maybe represent your husband?

    DM -- I like the sound of your dream life. It sounds like you have a penchant for lucid dreaming.

    MJ-- Exactly. I want to keep dreaming and try to force the dream to keep happening even though waking it inevitable.


  6. Thanks for sharing this Arlee. When I awake from a dream and write it down (otherwise it's gone) I usually go straight back to sleep. Sometimes there is continuity in the next dream the next night - sometimes not.

  7. Maybe I need to write down dreams that wake me up more often. I sometimes am kept awake thinking over dreams I've had so recording them for later might be time more productively spent and it would be better for my health.



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