Thursday, June 26, 2014

On My Way Home

     I'm not sure where to say I am when this posts.   I may be on my way home or I may be home--at least my mother's house, a place that feels like home to me.   There's a special feeling about visiting the places of younger day.  Somehow having the music of that time accompanying those visits seems appropriate.

          Is there certain music you associate with the places of your younger days?   When you visit those places do you tend to listen to any of that music?

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JoJo said...

Well I am back living in the area where I grew up. But I never really stopped listening to music that reminds me of specific things/places/people here. That would be mostly 70s and 80s Top 40.

DiscConnected said...

My parents sold mu childhood home about ten years ago.

I went back to the neighborhood once, and it was such a weird feeling not being able to just walk in the front door.

I do not feel that same feeling for any of the places I have lived as an adult, even my current house, which I've lived in for two decades.

Maybe because I lived in the childhood home with a family, and as an adult I have always lived alone-more memories with a family around.