Thursday, June 12, 2014

Technicolor Dreams

         Some say they only dream in black and white, while others say they dream in color.   My dreams are definitely in color.    I'm a big fan of black and white movies, but I'd hate for my world to only be in black and white.


            Do you dream in color?    Does color ever play a specific role in your dreams?   Do your dreams consist of highly defined visual images or are they more vague and shadowy? 

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  1. Always in colour. Esp. during my Grateful Dead years, my dreams were always a swirl of tie dye, psychedelic buses and colourful stickers on cars.

  2. They're in color, and not abstract in the least, but I do seem to move a lot in them. The more tired I am, too, the more vivid, longer, and crazy they are. I used to travel a lot, so my dreams are full of airports, hotel rooms, and public restrooms. The airports and hotel rooms I get, but the restrooms? Hmm...

  3. I always dream in color. I've never dreamed in black & white that I know of. I used to hear that dreaming in color is rare but I don't think that's true. What does it mean when one dreams in color versus black and white dreams? Is dreaming in color not typical for most people? I have talked to some people who don't dream in color and I just can't imagine that. And I too am a big fan of all things black and white (photography, film noir and old movies, color combination). But I can't imagine dreaming in only black and white. Nice photo montage with the Bee Gees song!


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