Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

         Some readers might remember the 1966 psychedelic tune by the Electric Prunes called "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night).  This title could very well describe the way my dream life has been of late.  My sleep life has been filled with dreams of late--so many dreams that it's been difficult to keep up with them.  I'll have an extremely vivid dream about one thing or another and think to myself upon awakening, "I need to remember this dream".

         Since the dream memories have been so strong in many cases, I think that I will remember the dreams until I write them down.  Unfortunately I've been lax in writing these dreams down and of course as typically will happen I forget them.

         There have been a few mornings when I've even recounted the dreams of the previous night to my wife.   This action should have been sufficient to remember at least some of those dreams, but there are none that I can now recall.

         Part of the problem has probably been the abundance of the dreams.  There are so many that they all melt together into some collective subconscious repository of dream memory and would be very difficult to now sort out.   Other than a few trace memories concerning the nature of some of the content, the dreams themselves have been forgotten.

          It's a case of too much dreaming and not enough recording the dream memory.

          Do you ever have times when you dream more than you normally would?    How does an abundance of sleep dreams affect your waking life?    What is your best method of retaining dream memory?

Next post will be on Tuesday April 1st when this blog begins the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.  During the month I will be posting about some of my favorite films that evoke the feeling of dreams or are about dreaming.   I hope you'll join me!


  1. I love that song....I have the 45 of it too. I do have multiple dreams at night but I just cannot remember them. As soon as I start to wake up they fade.

  2. Recent haunting dreams of dead family members has left me upset. Maybe because my own mortality is in the forefront. The visits have not been enjoyable, quite horrific actually.
    Retaining the dream requires trying to decipher it immediately, not always a good idea if you want to go back to sleep!

  3. Wow! Taking on 2! Good luck with that. Dreams should be a fun theme. Will you be including the Dallas show's "dream year"?

  4. JoJo -- Great song from a great era of music.

    Yolanda -- I usually opt for going back to sleep if I can. Unless the dream is so powerful that I absolutely have to write it down.

    Donna -- No TV shows. Maybe a good topic for another year.

    Daft -- I always appreciate link tweets.



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