Thursday, January 30, 2014

What to Do? #atozchallenge

           This blog has been entered in the A to Z Challenge every year since going on line.   Now I'm faced with the decision of entering A Faraway View for still another April Challenge.  What to do?  With prescheduling of posts it's been pretty easy in the past two events, but still it's work.  I don't know if it's worth it.

          My dream blog does not generally get many visits per post, but you who do visit are faithful in doing so.  I thank you all for that.  Participation in the April Challenges has added followers, but not loyal readers.  Some of you have expressed similar circumstances on your own blogs.   I'm on a constant quest to figure out what it takes to increase and keep readers, but for this blog I've certainly not zoned in on what it takes to do that.

          The highly personal nature of many of the blog posts here and the limited lure of the topic are not a big draw for an audience.  In part this blog has a content problem and I've been aware of that almost from the start.  A Faraway View is definitely a niche blog and expectations of high readership should be reflected by that fact.   Maybe I can find a way to broaden the audience potential, but so far A to Z hasn't done that for me here.

           I'll have to think on this for a while before coming to a final decision--weigh the work against the rewards reaped.  I love doing the A to Z here, but I've gotten so behind in so many aspects of my life that I'm not sure the time I spend is worth it.     I've even considered stopping any new activity on this blog--leaving it open for past posts, but not keeping posts current.  

            Are you participating in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge?    Do you think continuing to post on a blog that does not have a growing audience is a waste of time?   What suggestions do you have for increasing readership on this blog?

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  1. Hi Arlee,
    Nice to hear that your faraway blog is coming near or become a closeway blog LOL
    It’s really glad to note about the upcoming events in April in relation to A to Z activities. Sure, I will be there too this time with little more care and enthusiasm, probably I will be with the team of Tina the terrific. Yes, i too have few pages which are not talked about or seldom visited by others and say, even myself, then how can I expect someone to drop in, but in your ‘faraway’ case is totally a different one, yes, Lee, one need to promote it vigorously and very religiously otherwise in this busy world very few may turn in to our pages. Have a wonderful and Happy blogging time ahead. Best. Phil

  2. Don't overload yourself, Lee. Just do what is in your best interests overall.

  3. I'll be minioning but not doing A-Z. I couldn't think of any topics at all this year but I'll still participate as a helper and reader.

  4. Lee-

    I have a lot going on the next few months, so if I decide to do A2Z, it will be a game time decision and not well planned.

    I will certainly visit blogs, but do not see myself having the time to devote to a post each day.


  5. Hey, Lee, I've been wondering about the AtoZ and if it would continue. I have been busy just writing fiction on my blog. I discovered how very much I enjoy writing. Hopefully, within a few months I will have completed several books on my blog and am hoping to edit and eventually publish them. Am I dreaming too much of the possibility? I don't know, but a gal can dream, can't she? Best regards, Love, Ruby

  6. Thanks for the thoughts. I'll be deciding later, but I do hope all of you will join with at least one blog of your own.


  7. Hi Lee! In the past I've found the A-Z to be a lot of work with very limited results for great increase in regular readers or followers. I'm super busy these days, so I doubt I'll have the time, or the inclination to do a post a day. Like Grammy I've been working on my own fiction (not based on my blog though), plus I'm deluged at my day job.
    Whatever you decide will be the right decision for you, but like Alex says, don't overwhelm yourself.

  8. I'm am in awe of anybody that can do the challenge with more than one blog. I fell into the trap of loving so many posts last year that I couldn't possibly keep up with reading all the blogs that I decided to follow. Yours included, which is a shame really because the content of your niche blog is fascinating to me. Even if you take a break for a while, there is enough here to keep people entertained for a while. All the best whatever your decision.


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