Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crazy Road Dream

English: Disney World, Orlando, Florida
English: Disney World, Orlando, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     According to my travel schedule I should have gotten home by Wednesday January 8th.   Instead, an unforeseen event--the illness of my wife's favorite aunt--has brought us to Orlando, Florida.  And to complicate things I've become rather ill with flu or some such ailment.  I've been spending a good bit of time in bed in our motel room.  With sleep comes dreams.

       I had a rather odd dream Wednesday afternoon.  More than odd--since all dreams tend to be odd--the dream was disturbing.  I clearly see the influence of my state of traveling and illness in this dream:

      I am driving behind a truck or a vehicle pulling a large trailer.  There is a large opening on the driver side of the "trailer".   I see boys probably about 10 to 16 years old waving and hanging out of the opening.  They seem to be festive with an attitude of showing off.
      After a while they individually begin to do daredevil stunts where they hang horizontally out of the opening.  Their bodies are very close to the roadway and they push this closeness even more with each successive stunt.  Suddenly one of them drags his body on the roadway.  He loses grip and falls off, tumbling to the side of the road.  The vehicle ahead of me continues onward at a rapid speed as do I.
       More boys try the stunt and are thrown from the vehicle.  I run over a couple of the boys as do cars behind me.  I am very concerned about this, but also somewhat angry and afraid.   
        I then awoke from this dream and pondered its meaning.   I'm sure my upcoming trip home has affected my dream.   My state of illness probably has something to do with the disturbing nature of the dream.

         I am now anxious to return home.

          Does sickness tend to make your dreams more disturbing?   Are you well in this post-holiday season?

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  1. The only dreamlike sickness I recall that was memorable is the night Elvis died. I was 12 and had come down with a terrible summer virus or something. My temp was over 103, my throat swollen shut, and I listened to the radio of the news and his music while laying in bed. I must've flipped back to my normal rock station at some point b/c I heard 'Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey' for the first time. If you know that song, you know how odd it is anyway, but with a high fever, I thought I was hearing it all wrong and must be really, really sick. Imagine my surprise to hear it again while healthy.

  2. My dreams lately have not been related to illness. But, when I have a severe migraine, that pain is viewed in my dreams. I am seeing someone in pain, feel helpless to aid them.


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