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Who Knows My Naim? and Other Dream Confusion

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Part of the tunnel complex at Củ Chi, this tunnel has been made wider and taller to accommodate tourists. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What does (who knows my Naim?)(who shares my Naim?)(some other question) mean?

      If you're scratching your head in confusion then you are experiencing what I experienced during and after a dream.  This is the question asked in a peculiar dream Saturday morning of November 17th of 2012.  The details of the dream were lost, but here's what I remember:

      I am looking through a catalog with toy sets where all the pieces (cars, animals, dolls) look alike.  A man with a large black mustache gets out of an official looking vehicle and speaks to me about a certain person.  At first I am puzzled because I think he is that person, but then I realize he is not. 
      I'm not sure who the person is who the man is inquiring about.  I get the impression that the person's name is Naim.  For some reason I am under the assumption that Naim is Vietnamese and may have had some connection with something that happened during the U.S-Viet Nam war.   I find myself trying to recall who this person might be.

       I awaken thinking of a story where there is a search for clones.   My thoughts are of people who are killed or disappear and then reappear in a different form, but they are essentially clones of earlier beings.  I'm not sure whether my thoughts upon awakening actually have anything to do with the dream I've had or if my mind is merely free associating my dream with other ideas.   I am confused about the dream and the story and forget most of it not long after awakening.

        Dreams are typically disorienting and filled with peculiar references.  Often there seems to be a familiarity with a topic during the dream that totally disappears upon awakening.  When awake I might make other connections that confuse me even more.  The dream I've recounted here almost has the ingredients of a comedy routine.  These types of dreams can seem beyond any logical interpretation.

        Are these types of dream experiences worth dwelling upon?    Have you ever had a disorienting dream that left you confused after you woke up, but curious about the significance of that dream?   Do you have any idea what "Naim" might mean?

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  1. Most confusing dream Lee.
    A most vivid write of it.

    I am confused while I am awake let alone when I dream.


  2. Last night I dreamt that my high school needed me to fill in on a radio shift (when I went there, we had an FM station and I was very involved w/ it). I went in and all the equipment was so updated I couldn't figure it out at all. so many blinking lights. And the format had changed to all country, which I hate. My friend Holly (also was part of WSDH back then) gave me a stack of her punk rock 45s to play but there was no turntable. and the creepy, perverted station manager was there again (he was fired for making advances on a student a year after I graduated....and in fact he kissed me one day when we were alone. I was shocked and humiliated and scared to tell anyone).

  3. A strange dream indeed Lee. Perhaps a future dream may link the dots. The only thing I can think is that there is a link between you and the man with the black moustache (he represents some part of you) asking all those questions. A catalogue of chiidlike clones? And 'Naim' MAY be connected to 'name'. I had the oddest dream 2 nights back which has me puzzled but the more I ponder it, the more I think I may see a link.

    Where is the 'friend connect' button'? I'll go back and look.


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