Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obama in a Parade

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         Often when I dream of people it's almost as though I am seeing a sort of shadow or projected image of them rather than a distinct in-person presence.  At times it may be as though I see them in the periphery of my vision.  At other times it seems I have an awareness of the essence of being or the soul of a dream character without actually seeing them.  In my dreams I seem to know most of the characters whether or not I see them clearly or directly.

          A recent dream I had exhibited an anomaly to the way I typically see dream characters.   In this dream I am standing on a sidewalk watching a parade pass by.   A strange vehicle comes into view.  It's not a float, but more like an industrial type vehicle which has a large high powered fan device mounted on the back.   The force of the fan-driven air is so strong that a person is suspended in that stream.

         I look closely and realize that the floating person is President Obama.  He is wearing a finely tailored expensive looking suit and high quality shoes.   His body is tossed about in the air stream, tumbling as though in slow motion.   I can see his face very clearly and he is very real to me.   His eyes dart about as though looking for someone to extract him from his predicament.   He doesn't look overly afraid, but he appears to be very confused with a sense of helplessness.

          As for me, I am amused by his predicament and awaken in a humorous frame of mind, perplexed by what the dream might signify.

          How do you see people in your dreams?   Have you ever dreamed about a president or world leader? What do you think my dream meant?

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  1. Possibly a realization on your part that the man is caught up in something he has no control over.

  2. I get celebrities in my dreams quite often. Usually I joke that my subconscious must be trying to improve its ratings with these guest appearances. I suppose with the constant barrage of TV, Internet, newspapers, etc. it isn't surprising these familiar faces show up in your dreams.

  3. I think Delores might be onto something! I hope there is a sequel to your suspenseful dream!

  4. I'm pretty certain this dream is a negative commentary on George Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Hmm unsure what this dream might mean but sounds like a good one. I always see people clearly in my dreams which sometimes freaks me out because I wonder if they see me too! :)

  6. I'm also probably leaning towards the interpretation suggested by Delores. In fact it seems very obvious.

    Yes, Anna, I think I touched upon the concept of whether those we are dreaming about could conceivably be dreaming of us as well. Perhaps when we enter the Dreamscape we are in a realm that is shared by us all. Interesting thought to contemplate.


  7. I have to agree with the previous poster. It feels like a demonstration of the president's true situation. He's not in control and powerful forces are keeping him floating around.


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