Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Dream of Flying: Federico Fellini

         One of the masters of surrealistic film was Federico Fellini.    8 1/2 is his most noted film.  This film begins with a dream sequence.

                Have you seen this wonderful Fellini film?   Have you had dreams of being stuck in traffic?   Have you had dreams about flying?


  1. I have seen this movie, but forgot until now. Loved the clip. I have dreamed of flying, but it always takes me awhile to 'lift' off.

  2. Alas I haven't seen the film but the clip looked good.


  3. Not a big film watcher but I have dreamed of flying..well sort of...I just seem to hover about six inches off the ground in an upright position. Weird.

  4. No flying for me. More likely I'm in water.


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