Friday, May 18, 2012

Appreciating the Zealotry of the #atozchallenge

I found a blogfest over at Denise Covey's L'Aussie blog where she's asking us to repost our favorite blog post from the A to Z Challenge. Go to her site to find the Linky list to read more blogs or sign up with your own.  This was kind of difficult to say one was the favorite, but here's one that I liked.

Rotary Connection

        One of the notable alumni of Rotary Connection was Minnie Riperton, a singer with incredible vocal range who gave us the song "Loving You" after she went on to a solo career.  Rotary Connection was a psychedelic soul vocal group that specialized in highly stylized cover versions of songs by other artists and elaborately produced soundscapes.

         The album that stands out for me the most is Aladdin, consisting of original songs themed after the album title.  Like so many other great vinyl that I bought in the 1970s, I found this album in the cut-out bin and bought it for a song.  I ended up with a collection of great songs and got hours of listening pleasure from this dreamy album.

          My song pick from Aladdin is "Magical World"--a beautiful song.  The accompanying video is like a dream.  The album is like a dream.  I must be dreaming.  Please don't wake me up.

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  1. Hi Arlee. Thanks again for another repost. Obviously you love music a lot, as do I. Love the music from Aladdin and like your choice here.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I missed this one the first time around. I loved Rotary Connection.

  3. Denise -- I'm enjoying this little blogfest. I like having the time to give lesser visited posts another chance.

    Faraway--Rotary Connection was a sadly under-appreciated group. They did some great music. I love the video that was done to this song.


  4. What a great song. I have sadly never heard of Rotary Connection until today. Thanks for reposting here. This is a gem.

  5. Oh, I liked this. The theme is comforting actually.

    I've found discount music that way too before. Funny how much you can love a discount ;)


  6. Spotts -- Rotary Connection is a fine vocal group that made some fascinating albums. Definitely a sound of the 70s.

    Donna -- Some of my favorite music came from the cut-out bins. Just because it was there wasn't because it was bad music. I agree that "Magical World" is a rather comforting song--and relaxing.


  7. Dear Arlee,
    First let me say...great song!! Dreams are beautiful when filled with divine love. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  8. Charmaine -- The video is very well done and the pairing with the song was genius I thought.

    Andy -- I love the world of dreams. It is a magical world indeed.



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