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Songs in the Key of Dreams

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           At times I may awaken from a dream that inspires a song.  The dream itself may have had nothing to do with music, but the dream story inspires a song which usually comes rapidly upon awakening.  In order not to forget the song I will write it down immediately and the song may stay in my mind throughout the day and sometimes for several days following the dream.

           The following example is something I wrote around 1979.  I was on tour with The World of Fantasy Players from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our summer tours took us northerly and it was June or July when we were in Montana.

            I recall one midday as we were on our way to Livingston, Montana, as I was driving I saw a distant mountain shrouded with clouds.  That mountain stayed visible to me for the entire trip from Billings to Livingston. It was spitting snow when we arrived in Livingston.  We unloaded the show equipment under cloudy skies.  The day was more like a day in January.

           That night I dreamed of that mountain I had seen and I awakened with a song that I immediately wrote down.  When I woke up it was still dark outside and the room was extremely cold.  I suppose I probably wrote the song "Lonely Hero" in bed.  I don't remember that part.

            The song I wrote that morning put the dream content into verse and it told a story about a hero who lived on the mountain I had seen.   Here is the chorus of that song:

Lonely Hero

When I wake up in the morning
The room is dark and freezing

Then I close my eyes
To see a distant mountain
And I know that he is waiting there
To come again to me another night.

Lonely hero,
Who takes the bad things and makes them right,
Lonely hero,
My one and only hero,
Who wanders through my dream most every night.

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  1. Great post and a great song.

    Have a good day,


  2. It would be nice to hear you sing it.

  3. There is just something about dreams. I often wonder if they bits and pieces of our lives unfinished. My grandad was very superstitious and once told me that if I dreamed the same dream three times, it would happen. As a kid that terrified me, mainly bcuz of the dreams of the monsters under the bed. Loved the poem. I also tagged you on the blog Just Wait, One Day I Will" : )

  4. Very interesting, it never occurred to me to connect a dream with a song.
    I have a very active dream life too, and I write down all the dreams I have (which I can remember, that is).
    Since you mentioned verses, though, I can say twice in my life I dreamed entire poems which haven't been actually written in real life. I wrote them down right after waking up not to forget them. Come afternoon, I remembered not a single word of the poems, and it was a revelation going back to my diaries and finding them there!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. New follower here. I'm trying to get a head start on visiting my fellow "A to Z"ers. I'm really enjoying your blog and I look forward to visiting again.

  6. That is a really, really cool looking town, and reminds me of Butte, Montana. I guess it's just a "Montana-thang".

    I fell so in love with the way Butte looked (and its cozy size) that I was once giving some serious thought to moving there. But then further contemplation about those frigid Winters convinced this Southern California boy that Butte probably wasn't really "The pL.A.ce" to be after all.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. I left you the Versitile Blogger gift on my blog if you want it pop over. I was supposed to let you know yesterday, but had a family emergency sorry about that


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