Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'll Hear You In My Dreams

Art by Ada Z

           The song in my dreams sounds familiar.  I'm sure that it's a song that I've heard someplace somewhere in time.  I could probably sing the words if I wanted to.  When I awaken I am usually hearing that song in the dream I was in.

           If write it down as soon as I wake up then I can capture the song and its melody is in my mind.  I used to be able to think the song over and over throughout several following hours and memorize it, but now I have more distractions.  The memorization method works well if you are involved in a long repetitious activity such as mowing a large lawn, driving a long distance alone, or working on an assembly line.

          Sometimes  the rhythm of the repetitious activity can set the tempo for the music.  I replay the song until it's stuck in my head.  When I was younger I took the time to do this.  Lately I've been waiting for the songs to come.  They're there--I remember hearing them.  Now I apparently don't pay enough attention to the songs I'm hearing.  I can no longer sing them.

          Do you hear songs in your dreams?   Have you ever written dream songs down?  What are the songs like?

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  1. What a question to ask a Daniel O Donnell fan Lee?
    Seriously I sometimes awaken with a song running through my mind sometimes a song I haven't thought of in many a year.

    Enjoyed the post.

  2. No I don't think I have heard music in my doesn't form a very important part of my life so maybe that's why it doesn't intrude in my dreams.

  3. I can't remember ever hearing songs in my dreams, but would absolutely love for Led Zeppelin to turn up! I'm gona think about this all day and hopefully it will happen tonight. :)

    Universal Gibberish

  4. I've never had songs in my dreams, at least that I recall. However, oftentimes during the day, I'll start humming a melody that comes out of nowhere and eventually becomes an ear worm of sorts. It generally won't let up until I change activities or go to the piano to plunk out the tune. Strange how the mind works.

  5. Yvonne -- Your answer as one who loves music makes sense.

    Delores -- Your answer also makes sense if music doesn't play a big role in your life.

    Anna -- So did it happen? If I heard certain Led Zeppelin songs in my dreams it would probably wake me up.

    Paula -- Could music be a subconscious messaging stream that speaks to us in a non-verbal language?


  6. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because in my dream I found the solution to a problem: a melody that didn't sound right the day before or a song that I didn't know how to finish. Then I will record the melody I played in my dream on my phone or camera and the next day I'll switch on my studio equipment and record the song. I guess you could say music keeps me occupied.

  7. RCB--For me it's important to capture the song right away and then keep it going until I've firmly established it in my memory. There have been a few times when I've tried to capture the moment on a hand-held device and then later when I go back to listen I can't remember what it was really like and the song is lost.



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