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A Recycled Blog Post With Additions

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       In this post I offer a shortened version of "The Creature in the Recycling Bin" which appeared on my Tossing It Out blog.   To it I've added details that were left out of the original account.   

        I threw some aluminum cans into an empty black plastic bin in my back yard.   After dropping the bag into the bin,  I turned away to walk a few feet when I heard what sounded like a muffled explosion and a whoosh.   I turned and saw that the recycle bin was gone.

       From previous experience I knew that the bin had shot up like a rocket and had flown over the house into the front yard of my house.   I ran upstairs to the master bedroom to look out upon the front yard which was actually the front yard of my mother's house in Tennessee.
       Unable to see the bin in the yard from the bedroom window, I went outside to look for it.  My conclusion was that a strange creature had been inside the bin and caused it to fly up like it did.  This made me afraid, but also concerned that someone could have been injured by the flying bin.

        As I walked around the yard I recalled the previous times that this had happened.   My mothers older model Lincoln Towncar was parked at an angle near where the trashcans are normally placed on trash pick up day.  I knew that the car had died in that spot and apparently George had not yet been able to move it or get it running.

        This was the end of the dream that I remembered before waking up, but there were many events that had occurred prior to this recycle bin incident.  Earlier in the dream I can remember parts of an entire sequence and history of dream memory having to do with my friend Rick who had put on a large outdoor concert where someone had gotten killed.  I remember a lengthy sequence of being at the concert when the killing happened.  

     Later I read about the concert tragedy in the local paper.  Since that concert had gotten cancelled after the person had been killed, it was being rescheduled.  I found more information about the rescheduled concert on the internet, read about it on Facebook, and then spoke to Rick's wife about it on the phone.

       At another point in the same dream my friend Fred and I were looking for something that had been lost.  We heard that someone was going on a trip.  There were so many intricate details of these and other things that were happening in the dream (dreams?) that I now cannot remember.

        However I am aware that the actual act of dreaming took place in a far shorter span of time that the events depicted in the dream would have taken place.  As was discussed in my previous post this could be an example of distorted time perception in the mind of the dreamer or multiple levels of thinking in the dream time. 

       And yet I had a memory of a complete history of events as though I had actually lived through them all.   Had these memories all come from a protracted dream that had been occurring throughout the night?  Were the memories distillations of real life recollections reconstituted into a new dream life interpretation?   Is it all something like deja vu?

       Here is a dream-like music video which features my friend Rick who also was featured in my dream.  Rick plays the part of the guy sitting by the window.  "My Sittin' Window" is a nice song by a group called Blue Moon Rising.

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  1. Projectile garbage bins and murderous concerts....that was a good one Arlee.

  2. I'm with Al, I remember you documenting that dream in an earlier blog post, too. It must have really had an impact for you to still be ruminating on it.

    Here's to further future enlightenment.

  3. My first time reading this :-) brings to mind a Dr Who episode I saw a few weeks ago featuring a dustbin that swallowed a guy. (Believe it or not, I never saw an episode of Dr Who until this past Thanksgiving, when a guest brought some DVDs to watch!)

  4. Delores -- A dangerous dream for sure!

    Alex -- It wasn't long ago.

    Suze -- No big impact. I planned this expanded version for the dream blog a while back. It goes along with my topic from last week.

    Li -- Maybe bins are something to be feared and we just never realized it.


  5. This is the first time I've read it...I jumped up with a picture book idea about Environmental Boys. (It won't be anything like your dream, but you gave me the spark of an idea.)

    I have vivid dreams all the time. I've woken up mad at my husband and even though I know it was because of a dream it did not change the fact that I was mad.

  6. Sharon -- Oh my gosh, my wife does the same thing. She'll be so angry because she's had a dream that I'm seeing another woman and she's convinced it's true and will stay angry with me for hours sometimes. Fortunately she hasn't done that in a while so maybe I've finally convinced her that what she dreams in that respect has no connection to real life. It drives me nuts when she does things like that.


  7. Lee, I'm a firm believer that there are many dimensions in our universe, which include all possibilities as far as your dream is concerned.

    Loved the music video - very moving.


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