Thursday, February 19, 2015

Workplace Dream Analysis

English: Sigmund Freud Museum at Příbor.
 Sigmund Freud Museum at Příbor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      Large companies such as Google or Zappos have introduced innovative ideas such as free lunch, gyms, and nap pods.   Employees are a company's greatest resource.  Why not tap into it and develop it for the mutual benefit of the employee and the business?   The innovations geared toward the employee are a great investment for a company to make.

      As I was thinking along these lines recently, it occurred to me that perhaps delving into the subconscious world of employees could be a useful way to come up with exciting ideas for the company as well as a means of allowing the employees to understand their own problems and concerns that dreams reveal.  A company could establish a psychological aspect to human resources to help employees study their dreams for self-help and as a tool for developing on the job ideas.

       Standard practices concerning confidentiality between patient and psychologist would have to be in place in order to protect the patient in regard to the personal issues that would be revealed by such analysis.   Also, employees would probably need to undergo certain classes or educational procedures to assist them in dealing with the concepts of dream analysis as a personal help as well as a creative tool that they could use for themselves and the company.

       The legal implications would be of vital concern to both employer and employee and need to be considered.    Questions of  employee privacy or ownership of new ideas the company uses would have to be addressed. Bonus plans, incentives, or other types of remuneration could be implemented, but then again it might be considered part of the job upon hiring.

        Dreams are a natural human resource that could be mined for the use of the individual as well as the company.   The idea holds exciting prospects as well as scary possibilities.  Maybe one day extricating new ideas from dreams will be the norm in employee-employer relationships.  Then again it could be a component of a brave new world of spying and idea stealing that could be totalitarian society that most of us would not want to live in.

         Would you like to have access to confidential psychological or psychiatric treatment that was provided by your employer?    If there was a possibility of receiving large bonuses or lucrative payouts from your ideas, would you allow your company to engage in dream mining?    What dangers could you foresee in allowing an employer to gain access to your subconscious mind?


  1. No. Effing. Way. Esp. not any kind of psychiatric treatment. Providing gyms, food and nap pods is one thing. Access to my private thoughts & problems? I don't think so. As the XFiles slogan says: Trust No One.


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