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If the POTUS Speaks in a Dream Should You Listen?

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 Seal of the President of the United States
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        I am at some event--perhaps a political rally.   The President of the United States is on a portable stage with a temporary drapery backdrop behind him.  This President is not Barack Obama, but some other man that I don't remember and perhaps have never seen before. There are many folding plastic chairs set up for an audience, but hardly anybody is at the event.
        Perhaps this is why the President speaks directly to me--I'm the only audience member.  He tells me something that I forget after I wake up.  Across from me in the front row of another seating section is a young version of former Vice President Al Gore.   He is watching the President and me during this verbal exchange.   Al Gore looks mildly happy, not smiling, but seemingly pleased with what was said.

         Now I feel disappointed that I didn't retain whatever it was that the POTUS said to me in this recent dream.  Or did I even hear any words.   Sadly I have no recollection of anything specific having been said.  Or perhaps there is something about Al Gore's presence or the dream setting that should be significant to me.

          This reminds me of other dreams where someone like my father, a friend, or some other figure of note says something that seems important for me to hear.  Sometimes the messages are so plainly spoken or obviously conveyed that they stand out.   These messages can be something related to my current waking life.  In some dreams these words might be warnings that I am not understanding when I think back on them.

          There are dreams where people speak or distinct messages are delivered in the form of literal messages--spoken words, written words, or understandable visual cues.   The messages can come in any form.   When dreams are forgotten these messages can be lost forever.

           What people have appeared to you in dreams to deliver a specific message to you?   Have you been visited by a messenger such as God, an angel, a celebrity, or some other well-known entity?    Do you believe that dream messages are reliable or do you think they represent something other than the literal message being delivered within the context of the dream?


  1. I wouldn't say the messages were specific, except that one I already mentioned where I dreamt my dad, who had passed away a few months earlier in June of 2003, called me on Christmas Eve 2003 to say he 'sent that thing that I wanted', and the next day I opened up a gift from my mom which was a cobalt blue liquor decanter that I'd had my eye on in their bottle collection since they got it Christmas of 1979. I'd made sure to tell my then husband about the dream when I'd woken up on 12/24 so he was as blown away as I was when I opened the gift.

  2. I've had dreams where I couldn't remember a seemingly important message. I feel kind of frustrated when I first wake up, but I lose interest in the dream fairly quickly. The dreams that stay with me are like the ones I had in the early days following my brother's death..they were so real, but I don't believe they were actual messages from him, he was dead and unable to send any kind of message. The dreams were me, grasping for some kind of understanding of what had happened, and the screaming out of a very profound grief.
    I've had some other lucid dreams in my life, and they are freaky. A few weeks ago I dreamed I was trying to sleep on a greyhound bus (?!)..It was very real. I didn't know where I was, but the bus was travelling through a large, unknown city at night. I started to panic, and then I told myself, "I'm not really even on this bus. I'm at home in my bed in Chilliwack."...and after that I decided to just enjoy the bus ride, knowing it wasn't real.
    Dreams are definitely strange!


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