Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dark Dreams that Seem So Real

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         Sometimes I have a peculiar dream phenomena in which the dream takes place in the same setting in which I sleep.

          In a recent example of this sleep setting dream...

I am asleep and dreaming something that I don't now recollect.  I awaken to go to the bathroom.  There is a certain aura of strangeness in the house, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.  I hear muffled sounds of voices outside.  When I get to the bathroom I feel around in the darkness to push the light switch.  I think I push the switch but no light turns on.  Thinking that I have not actually pushed the switch I try a few more times with a greater intensity of awareness of what I am doing.  I start to feel somewhat panicked and afraid realizing that the power might be off.  I return to my bedroom to see if the power is off there as well.  Since there is no light on my alarm clock my fear of a power outage is confirmed.  Feeling very afraid I notice my wife is sitting up in bed.  In a quivering voice I say, "The power is off!"   My wife says, "We should pray."

       At this point in the dream I laid down in bed and  I closed my eyes.  Then I opened my eyes and rolled over to look at the clock again.  The red numbers were glowing and not blinking like they would be if the power had really gone off.  The time is 11:28--I have been in bed for about twenty minutes.  My wife is asleep.  I realize that the sequence about getting up had been a very realistic dream--almost a lucid dream in a sense.

        Some of my most realistic dreams have been dreams of this nature; dreams within dreams in which I might be dreaming and wake up to experience something unusual and yet seemingly real since I have had the sensation of awakening.  Usually these sorts of dreams occur at night when the room is dark, but on a few occasions they have happened during afternoon naps or when I'm asleep while riding in the car while someone else is driving.

         Do you ever have "dark dreams" where you believe you have awakened from sleep but only are dreaming that you have?   What do you suppose is the significance of dreams such as I have described here?  Do you believe that there are parallel dimensions or threads of time that we cross into during sleep time?

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  1. I find these dreams the most frightening. You're awake and yet not. The dream is happening at that twilight of sleep and consciousness and I swear the most real, as I see the space I'm in just as I experience it when I awake. I've even felt skin on skin during one of these, as I tried to pull the hands of a ghost away from my throat. I don't know for sure, but I think, at least for me, that times of extreme stress, cause this. The choking episodes happened several times - I swore I was being haunted - but realized later that the stress I was under was what was choking me.
    Right now I'm experiencing fainting spells during my dreams - a sure sign of illness - and guess what, I'm ill!

  2. I like that your wife was in your dream and her comment seems to cement your souls. To me it says if something is going to happen--stick together.

  3. Yes...yes I have had these dreams and I don't like them one bit. One of the most vivid ones I had was after I'd taken a prescription pain reliever with codeine in it. I hallucinated all night long in what were very real dreams..I thought I was awake. The power being off....yeah that was a part of it. I haven't had one like that since I moved back to the east coast fortunately.


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