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The Wake Up Code

Coat of arms of Serbia
Coat of arms of Serbia (Photo credit: thivierr)
        In my previous post I described a dreaming incident during which I awoke from a dream and then returned to sleep to continue the same dream scenario.  During this dream situation I was having what was not a particularly unpleasant dream in a setting that brought me a good feeling.  According to my observation of the hours on my alarm clock, the second dream segment lasted about 27 minutes.

        I woke up about a minute prior to when the alarm would be going off.   Interestingly something odd happened in the dream that was almost like a prompt for me to wake up.  Within the dream I heard some words spoken that seemed to be my wake up call.   Let me describe the latter moments of the dream and the words I heard spoken.

       Towards the end of my dream I am in the same theater where I have been throughout the dream sessions.    I go looking around the theater environment to find myself to be in what seems to be a sort of shopping mall.   From the backstage area I look out into this mall-like place to see food establishments and various other businesses that are not necessarily stores, but more like professional offices and service businesses.   There are some people milling about and sitting on benches, but the place is not very crowded.  In fact the place does not look busy at all.
     As my eyes scan the scene before me I see uncertain places that somewhat confuse me as to where I am.  I look behind me to see that the theater is still there.   I am apprehensive about venturing out into the alien environment outside of the theater.  I look for a bathroom.  I look for some of my fellow cast members and people I had been with previously.  I look into dressing rooms and other rooms that are in the backstage area.

        Either from someone around me or within my mind I hear a voice say "Hospitality was always the source of the finest days of Serbia."

      Upon hearing this I immediately wake up to see that the alarm is about to go off.  I puzzle over the final declaration I heard in my dream.  What did it mean?   Was is a code designating that it was time for me to wake up?

       Do we have prompts that cue us that it is time to leave a dream and awaken from sleep?   Have you ever received a strange or nonsensical statement in a dream that left you puzzled after you awakened?   Do you think these types of messages are cryptic codes that are saying something to us?   What do you think the message I received meant?  

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  1. Wow...I have no idea what that statement could have meant! How odd! Funny you post this today because I was in the middle of a dream when my cell phone rang. In my dream I reached for it to answer it, then realized that it was actually my cell phone ringing. I was so startled awake by it that my heart was pounding because it was 6:30. I'd set the alarm on it for 6:30 but I didn't realize that I'd accidentally changed the alarm sound from a pleasant musical chime to the ringer. And we all know that when your phone rings early in the morning or late at night, it's never good news. I was really disoriented and unnerved.

  2. Dreams like this make one think that our brain has it's own cues.

    I think it all depends individually on how our brain prioritizes. When I had to get up early in the past, I could almost program myself to wake up at that time (but a few mins before the music comes on - I hate buzzes or rings in the early morning, too.)

    Interesting, Lee. It will probably only make sense to you if it (that last line) has any relevance.

  3. I've had prompts like that. They're kind of strange!

  4. Wonderful to remember so clearly, well sometimes. I just posted a recent nightmare on my blog, wrote it exactly how I dream't it - even down to the words It Was A Dark & Stormy Night, which I thought of during the dream. I woke up as things got scary, but did try to go back and change the outcome. Couldn't so I sat down and wrote it. I think my nightmares are caused by the stress I'm feeling at the time. The higher the stress the greater the fear, it's the dreams where I'm actually attacked that are the most frightening. I've come out of dreams with the knowledge - the sensation of and the feel of the arm of the person choking me, still on my finger tips.

  5. JoJo-- Yes, my least favorite time to get a phone call.

    DG-- I usually wake up before my alarm goes off. It is a mystery, but I guess our minds can do mysterious things that are difficult to explain.

    Sherry -- It happens to me often. I'm sure there is a wake up code, but the symbolism involved can be strange.

    Yolanda - I think dreams are such a great resource for writers. They give us the idea and then we can write them out to have them make some kind of sense.



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