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Strawberry Jesus and Other Enigmatic Dream Phrases

English: giant strawberry
English: giant strawberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

       On the morning of Memorial Day 2013 I awoke with the phrase "Strawberry Jesus" on my mind.   I had slept in since it was a holiday and my wife didn't have to wake up early to go to work.  I had been dreaming intensely throughout the morning, but cannot now recall what I had been dreaming.  Only the phrase "Strawberry Jesus" stuck with me.

       Since this peculiar juxtaposition of wording had stayed with me I decided that this should be an exploration on this dream blog.  Why would I dream of such an odd term?   And why would it stand out for me as something that had significance?

         Before I began writing on the topic, I looked up "Strawberry Jesus" on Google.  I found some references to a musical artist or band from Rome, Georgia.  There were a few other odd entries for the term that I did not explore.  I saw nothing that would indicate that I would have seen this term mentioned elsewhere sometime in my past.   The origin in my mind is a mystery.  However, the fact that others have thought of the term makes it seem less odd that I would have thought of it.

         I will add "Strawberry Jesus" to other peculiar dream references such as "Dynamic Flow" and others that I cannot remember at the moment.   There are also the references to songs, movies, or other creative things that I cannot connect to anything in real life.   These references undoubtedly come either from my subconscious memory of tanget encounters with these experiences in my life or some sort of connections that would randomly connect words or other sensory experiences to create something that seemingly made sense in a dream.

        The questions remain.  What are these references?  Why did they seem significant in the dream?  Why did these terms enter my dream-state thinking?

          Have you ever woken up thinking of a particular phrase or idea that felt very familiar or significant to you?   Did you ever figure out why or what the dream image may have signified?    Have you ever had a dream that was influenced by a phrase or concept that you'd heard before?

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  1. Today Lee I awoke thinking am I wasting my time?
    Through the A to Z did well with new's been a struggle to get them after the problems I had with Chrome way back. However I managed to gain many new followers, but I'm lucky if I get 8 comments if that. I started blogging back in 2006 and it was great lately after spending hours commenting on others post I look at my blog and think Am I wasting my time in writing a post find photo's and songs(I like the musical interaction) Gradually this week I am losing followers I was nearing my 100 now its going backwards. I don't give to receive but would like a push in the right direction.
    Will think my blogging life carefully.

  2. Yes, words enter and stay in my dreams from time to time and I pay attention to them. Sometimes it takes awhile to decipher what this is about. For example, a year or so ago, the words "Toe the line" - not "Tow the line" - baffled me but I found some thing revealed there for myself. In a more recent dream there was a banner - a BANNER for goodness sake - with the words Challenge every thought.
    I like it when words show up like that.

  3. Of course, I have no clue whatsoever why you might have had that phrase in your mind.
    When I have to analyze a dream, I take it the Jungian way: 1) a dream is most of the time symbolic. 2)the unconscious contents represented in a dream might come from our personal unconscious or from a broader dimensions that Jung used to call "collective unconscious".

    This being said, the first thing I would think about is what Jesus and a strawberry might be symbols of, nowadays: lust and religion.
    Yes, I think I would start from there.
    Nice dichotomy, isn't it?

    Yes, I've woken up many a time with interesting sentences in my mind.
    Years ago I dreamed of writing a poem on a board, in a classroom.
    When I woke up, in the middle of the night, I was prompt enough to successfully write it down before I forgot. Then I fell asleep again and, upon waking up again, I had no recollection of what the poem was about. I opened my notebook and I could not believe my eyes.
    The poem, which technically is not a poem, ran:

    The TV-news announced the crucifixion of Christ. On that same day, all the children had been place in an empty barrow (or wheelbarrow: the word wasn't exactly this; the word didn't exist, but it resembled the word wheelbarrow).

    The first thing I thought about was Herod's order to kill all the newborn babies the day after Jesus Christ was born. Yet, I haven't been able to come to a satisfying interpretation of it yet.


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