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Heavenly Dreams

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           Recently I had the following dream:

My wife and I are standing at the end of a procession of many people.  I cannot describe the grouping as an orderly line, but merely a large number of people who are proceeding toward a very large gateway.   We seem to be at a high altitude as though on top of a mountain or in the clouds.  We are waiting to be admitted entrance to the gate.  It becomes apparent to me that we are about to enter the gates of heaven.  We have a sense of peace and joy.

Beside us I notice that we are accompanied by a beautiful young girl who appears to be about 10 to 12 years of age.  She has short dark hair and a pure cherubic face that has sparkles as though she has sparkly freckles.  She smiles.  I know that she is an angel.

        In the morning I relate this dream to my wife.  She often has similarly spiritual dreams and is always happy when she has one.  She always tells me about these dreams.  She is thrilled when I tell her my dream and comments that it is a very good dream.   The following morning she asks me to tell her the dream again.

        Have you ever had a dream about heaven or something of a spiritual nature?   How did the dream make you feel?   Do you think dreams like this have any special significance?   

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  1. I think dreams like that are sent to comfort us.

  2. >>...Have you ever had a dream about heaven or something of a spiritual nature? How did the dream make you feel?

    HA! Does a bear... er-- Is a bear bare in the woods?

    So many, so many!

    Maybe tonight after work (if I don't forget) I'll copy and paste one from an old blog bit of mine.

    But, yes, I have had probably countless dreams of a spiritual nature, and perhaps several that pertained to Heaven. But there was one in particular that really stood out, and that's the one I'll copy and paste here later, time and memory permitting.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I have had a dream about the whole heaven thing a few times, you'll have to wait for the book to be published to read all about it. It's one of the few times when memories of the dream have been clear enough for me to recount!

    *waves from Brighton*

  4. Now that's a comforting dream.
    When I was a teen, I dreamed I was walking with my dog who had just died. We came to a stream with a bridge and on the other side was my grandfather, who'd also recently passed. My dog ran across the bridge and joined him and it gave me a real sense of peace.

  5. After my younger brother died young (at 30yrs)in an accident. I worried that he had suffered. I dreamed he came to me only a day or night after death and told me he hadn't suffered. Death was quick, he said from the foot of my bed. He looked as he had when I'd last seen him. It comforted me immensely.

    Perhaps we dream to settle some inner anxiety. When things are going well, I dream very little.

  6. Delores -- They are comforting dreams to have.

    StMc -- I look forward to hearing about your dream.

    Jason - I think books like that tend to be somewhat popular. You should write it.

    Alex -- I find that dreams about those who have passed are typically comforting. I like the sound of the dream you had.

    DG-- Another fascinating account. Whether they are actually messages from beyond or just internal comforters, dreams of this sort are interesting to ponder.


  7. I often have dreams of a Spiritual nature. Sometimes they are direct answer to my prayers, sometimes they are even answers to those unspoken prayers (things that I have been worried about). They have been about loved ones who have died and those that are living. Sometimes they are even directions on something I should or should not do.

    Generally I feel comforted, unless I start to think too much and worry over my worthiness.

  8. Never really had dreams about heaven. But I often had dreams full of tension and anxiety, where I'm chased or I know I'm wanted, and I have to hide.

  9. Faraway eyes-- I'd like to think dreams like these are direct spiritual communications, but I can't say for sure. They could be also developed from some spiritual side of the mind.

    Jay -- Those dreams must have something to do with the state of your life. I've had dreams like yours at times, but I didn't connect them with anything specific.


  10. I wish I would have more dreams like that, Lee. Mine tend to be bizarre, often terrifying, and make me wonder about my what's going on in my subconscious...or what I'm supposed to learn from these nightmares.

  11. Patricia -- My dreams are almost always bizarre which is probably why I so often find them entertaining. I'm rarely terrified by my dreams as I learned "watch" them like a movie. Maybe it would help for you to write down your dreams to understand them better and then eventually learn to control them. When I have a dream that threatens to be terrifying, I grab hold of it and turn it into a story which create the outcome. I can usually control my dreams to a certain extent and don't let them control me.


  12. Lovely dream. I think something very nice is coming your way.


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