Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dream Sequences on Film: Twin Peaks

       While I'm away on vacation I'm going to present a few video clips from some famous film dream sequences.

       David Lynch is one of the best of the surrealistic filmmakers.   Some of his films are almost like dreams or have extended portions that are very dreamlike.   The following clip comes from his television series Twin Peaks.  The clip portrays a famous dream sequence.

          Are you a David Lynch fan?    Have you seen Twin Peaks?   Do you have a favorite David Lynch film?  Do you think this clip accurately captured the concept and feel of dreaming?

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  1. Excellent clip Lee, as it reflects the often weird and disjointed images and conversations one encounters in a dream.

    I think Elephant Man and Mulholland Dr. were among my Lynch favorites.

    Hope you're having a nice vacation!

  2. Mulholland Drive is my favorite, but I also like The Elephant Man a great deal. Lynch is a masterful director.

    Having a very delightful vacation so far. Have had plenty of time for the internet, but that may not be the case for the next week or so. Not sure what to expect over the next few days, but I do know I'll be driving a lot.


  3. I just heard about Twin Peaks from you.
    Headed off to youtube now to view more clips :)

  4. Lubaina -- If you enjoy weirdness, Twin Peaks is a good place to find it.



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