Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Poetess Yvonne Lewis Visits

         Today we have a guest post by Yvonne Lewis from Welcome to My World of Poetry.  The spider artwork is by Ada Zdanowicz.   

"Spider" by Ada Zdanowicz


All around the house is jet black night,
It steals through the window pane.
My head touches my welcoming pillow,
And off to the land of dreams again.

My family know of my nightmare.
It happened many years ago.
I have an irrational fear,
That many have I know.

You see I detest spiders.
I've been told they'll do no harm.
But the speed they run across the floor.
Dosen't add to their cunning charm.

How well I remember the night.
I lay peacefully asleep.
One dropped from above my bed.
On my body it did leap.

It's a nightmare I re-live.
Over and over again.
I scour the floor and ceiling,
To ensure it dosen't occur again.

It's  become a nightly ritual,
Especially now I live on my own.
I know they're good for something.
But I wish they would leave me alone.

Copyright Yvonne Lewis:

        Thank you Yvonne!  And remember to visit Yvonne's blog to say hello.   You too can have a guest spot on my blog.  Just let me know and we'll set it up.



  1. Poetic story it. Had a spider run across my face in the night once...yikes!!

  2. Wonderful poem, Yvonne! Guess I shouldn't tell you that I catch and release all spiders that come into our house then.

  3. Love your poem.
    Hate spiders.
    They like to bite me.

    Lee, I love this new blog!

  4. A book I am reading about the nature of the fear centers in our brain (the amygdala) states that the fear of spiders and snakes is hardwired into most, if not all, brains to some degree. I rather like spiders, frankly-- population control for the truly nasty critters.

    Anyway, thought you might find it interesting that such heebee jeebies are natural-born.

    (Beautiful artwork.)

  5. YVONNE ~
    Good stuffs there! That's certainly a poem that many of us can relate to!

    You'll recall my recent blog bit about being lost in the Okefenokee Swamp with alligators creeping up on us. Well, believe it or not, the huge spiders I saw there actually gave me the willies even more than did the 'gators.

    That's true. But if I had said that in my blog bit hardly anyone would have believed me, and it would have seemed to diminish the "real" danger of the alligator aspect of that story.

    I like much of the artwork on this blog. I seem to recall (correctly or incorrectly?) that you have a daughter named Ada. Is this art the work of your daughter? Or am I and my memory really a mess?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. Excellent poem Yvonne. I also detest spiders, but Lee's daughter's amazing artwork captures a graceful quality that puts them in a different light. Still, the real ones are not welcome in my home. Julie

  7. I do like Yvonne's poetry. And that spider art is gorgeous.

  8. Yvonne -- Thanks for your contribution to this site. I'm sure Ada will be happy to hear that you liked her artwork.

    Delores - Yikes indeed!

    Alex -- I don't like to kill spiders, but I don't like to catch them either.

    Carol -- Hope you'll return every Thursday.

    Suze -- Spiders and snakes are interesting, but I don't like to be surprised by them. So far all of the artwork on this site is by Ada Zdanowicz.

    Stephen Mc -- Yes, you are correct. The artist is my daughter.

    Julie -- But as Suze points out, spiders do help control the population of other crawlies that might be less desirable.

    Lynda -- I'm sure Yvonne and Ada will both be pleased with your compliment.


  9. I would like to thank all the lovely comments, Thank you Lee for making feel welcome.


  10. Love the poem, hate the spiders too, but I don't search for them before bed. I am too busy checking for the closet monsters.

  11. Super poem! I can soooo relate. I'm terrified of spiders.

  12. I can relate to this, too, but I have found photographing them helps!

  13. Thank you for all of the nice comments about my artwork! I have a slight fear of spiders so this drawing is about as close as I can get to them. I can really relate to this poem.
    ~ Ada Z.

  14. Yvonne -- Thank you for being my guest on A Faraway View.

    Rhonda- Yeah, those closet monsters can be pretty bad dudes.

    Sharon -- Thanks for stopping to share in Yvonne's fear.

    Janice -- I haven't tried photographing spiders but they can be quite photogenic especially when they've built a nice web.

    Ada -- Thank you for all of the beautiful artwork that you've been contributing to my dream blog.


  15. Hi, Lee!

    Great poem by,Yvonne! Yea- spiders, and snakes only two creatures that I don't want around me. So yes , I can relate to her fear. I do hope that she can find a resolve so that she doesn't have to continue to live with the fear though.

    I had a bad experience with water bugs one time while sleeping over someones house. Its one thing to have a bug crawling around its another thing to have them crawling on you. That does leave a devastating after effect.

    Tell next time!!

  16. Hi Lee!

    Great poem by Yvonne!

    I can certainly relate to her dislike of spiders. Spiders and snakes- don't want them anywhere around me except at a distance. I im intriqued by the spider's behavior and web building. Its facinating!

    I had a bad experience with water bugs crawling on me one time. There is definitly a difference when there are bugs crawling around and having bugs crawl on you. The latter does leave a devastating effect upon you.

    I do hope Yvonne can find a resolve of her fear of spiders so that she doesn't have to live with that discomfort. That can't be fun.

    The poem is a perfect addition to the blogg!

    Untill next time!!

  17. Betty -- Thanks for visiting here.



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