Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hot Summer Day

          Dreamy hot summer day music might be just the ticket for today's mind excursion.   When I first discovered It's A Beautiful Day in the early 70's, it was like a musical dream come true.   Melodic well arranged music featuring an electric violin.   This is a favorite group of mine from that era.   Great stuff.  Happy hot summer day dreaming!

           Are you a fan of It's A Beautiful Day?     Do you like hearing violin featured in rock music?     What's the weather like where you are today?

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  1. Your video can't be played b/c of 'copyright infringements'. Anyway, the only song I know by It's a Beautiful Day is 'white bird' which I really like. And yes, I love strings in rock music. ELO is one of my fave bands ever. And it's cloudy and a little less humid than the past 2 days. We had torrential rain yesterday.

  2. JoJo-- Located another version of the song that seems to play okay. Weather in Tennessee today is starting off in the 60's and it's a beautiful day so far. Air conditioner crashed so hopefully we'll get it fixed before the really hot weather returns.


  3. I spent a fortune to get this out-of-print gem on vinyl, but do not seem to have it on CD.

    Now you're making me want to hear the album again...

    In Arizona, we do not celebrate out hot sunny can fry eggs on your driveway when it's 115 degrees...


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