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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dreams for the New Year

Dreams 10/52 2011
Dreams 10/52 2011 (Photo credit: JanetR3)
   I've been dreaming a lot over the holidays, but not retaining much in the way of memory of any of these dreams.  Waking in an environment that is not my home makes for a change in activity that takes away dream reflection time.  Different schedules and more adaptation to surroundings distracts my dream memory capacity to focus on waking life situations.

       In the year to come I'll be reflecting more on dreams that I remember and perhaps delve into dreams from dream journals from years ago.

        I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful and I wish you well for 2014!

        What happens to  your dream life and memory when you are in a different environment than your own home?   Have you ever kept a dream journal and if you have, do you still have your old dream records?  What are your dreams of aspiration for the coming year?    

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JoJo said...

I have my dream journals. The environment seems to always be a jumble of places I've lived which makes for an interesting dream. My freshman college dorm room (Maine), located inside my junior year dorm building (Boston) with views of San Francisco or Tacoma, or a mish mash of both.

Yolanda Renee said...

I haven't been sleeping well, I have been dreaming but not remembering, which is probably a good thing. My husband got up on New Years Eve extremely upset over a dream that he'd had. Apparently, in his dream he found/caught me with another man. I laughed, but it really upset him. I told him it was because I'd been talking about the comments on blogs that I'd recently made. Until that moment I'd never considered commenting on a blog as a cause of jealously. But considering that I am having conversations with other men, and women too, it's the men that bothers him. Sure it's in the realm of the blogosphere and not a bar, but it's still a conversation with a stranger/ or strange men (as viewed by my husband). Hmm, maybe a blog post - a blog question for the future?