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Fear of Dreaming

Dreams 10/52 2011
Dreams 10/52 2011 (Photo credit: JanetR3)
        Many people will commonly say that they don't dream or don't remember their dreams.   The former is untrue since according to researchers we all experience brain activity during sleep that would correspond to dreaming.   If we didn't dream our mind would not function properly.

        Those who say they don't remember their dreams may be resisting them.  There may be an element of fear that could stem from nightmares reaching back to childhood or to some traumatic event.  The dream deniers might be trying to escape the possibility of dealing with the nightmare experience.

        The dreamers who revel in their sleep life and think about their dreams and relive them through thinking about them or analyzing them welcome dreams.   Dreams are like an alternate life where messages may be delivered or life may be evaluated or interpreted.  The dream is often a refuge from the worries and concerns of daily life.

        There is a high probability that we can control our dreams and regulate the timing of when they occur.  Dreams before waking are the ones we remember.  The person practicing dream avoidance could be subconsciously scheduling the dreams to occur only during pre-awakening  sleep time in order not to remember what they have dreamed.

         The act of dreaming is a behavioral activity that can be conditioned to occur as the subconscious may desire.   If the mind has been trained to avoid a particular unpleasantness, our subconscious can purposefully avoid such encounters.  Just as in waking life we sometimes find ourselves acting in a specific way to avoid an unpleasant situation, the mind can find ways in sleep state to avoid the unpleasantness of dreams.

           Do you want to dream during sleep?   Are you afraid of dreaming?    Have you ever feared going to sleep because you were afraid of dreaming?    Have you ever awakened from a bad dream that made you afraid to go back to sleep?

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  1. There is no fear of dreaming here, just a desire to have different types of dreams. What does it say about me? I am tired of having teacher dreams!

  2. I love to dream! I wish I could remember them but I love them, even the ones that have a creepiness around the edges. I always wished there was a way that dreams could be videotaped so you could watch them back once you woke up. That would be sooooooo COOL!!!!

  3. I'm not afraid to dream, but often I don't remember. When I do, it makes no sense. Or it's a repeat of elements I've dreamed before.

  4. I learned early in life to control my dreams, that way they aren't scary. If step brothers were chasing me, I'd start flying. If the ocean waves were rolling me, take a small breath to see if it was real or a dream. No water in nose? It's real. lol
    love, LinnAnn

  5. Susan -- You may be stuck with the teacher dreams since that has been such a big part of your life.

    JoJo -- You and me both. I'd love to be able to watch my dreams when I was awake. Would they terrify us or overly confuse us? I want to study them.

    Alex -- Dreams are so peculiar. That's perhaps one reason they are so difficult to remember.

    LinnAnn -- I think it's a great ability to be able to control ones dreams. I wish I were better at doing it.



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