Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Song

          Dream topics will often change seasonally--that is in winter we might dream about winter weather or holidays and in summer our dreams may reflect our activities of that season.   As I grow older my dreams will take me back to my younger days though with the awareness that I am in my older mind.  I may dream about being in school, having youthful romantic flings, or working in a place where I worked long ago.  In fact many of my dreams now seem to reflect more on my youth than on my current age of life and yet I understand that I am mentally older than in the physical time depicted in the dream.   In some ways my dream self seems ageless or unattached to any specific time of life while in reality my waking self continues to age.

           Do you have a sense of your age in your dreams?   Is there a particular time of life that you dream about more than others?    What life era would you choose to be stuck in if you had full control of your dream topics?

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  1. I'm not sure there's a specific time in my dreams that I like to return to....everything's usually a mish mash.

  2. I love Jimmy Durante. If you had put him on the list for "September Song," I wouldn't have any trouble choosing. A remarkable entertainer, and he just got funnier and more entertaining as he got older.

    I always seem to be traveling in my dreams, ending up in places that are composites of the hotels, restaurants, bars, planes, cars, and roads that I encountered in my "road warrior" days. That would put me around the age I was when I started traveling thirty years ago, in my late twenties. That was a good age, so that would be the era.

  3. Hi Lee, dreams of when you were younger may be saying something to you, only you would know. Is there any sort of theme in those dreams if you look back over the dreams? Does 'A' particular stage keep on coming up e.g.
    I am always interested in the others who appear in my dreams .. not always are there others. The setting of the dream and the 'events' in them are significant. I'm usually just me in my dreams ...

  4. JoJo-- Mine's a mish mash as well though there is often a prevailing theme or atmosphere that I relate to times, places, or people.

    John-- Our dream eras sound similar. Since I spent so much time on the road and it impacted my mind so much I can understand why I'd be traveling. I also think there is a dual symbolism where traveling represents my journey through my daily life. Traveling is an apt metaphor that is easy for me to relate to.

    Susan Scott-- As I mentioned to John in my previous comment, I think the dream events, settings, and characters play dual roles of actualities that I remember and metaphor for things in my life now. One of the most common themes is that I'm not prepared for something I'm supposed to do (work, school, life event, etc). This seems to correlate with the sense I have in waking life that I lack the organization that I would like to have and I'm not getting done the things I feel I need to do.



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