Thursday, February 20, 2014

Music to Dream By: Gymnopedies No. 2

        French Impressionistic composer Eric Satie wrote a series of three piano pieces he called "Gymnopedies".  This is some of the dreamiest music around.  Here is an orchestral version of the second of the series.  The music is accompanied by some wondrous visuals.

         I hope you enjoy.

Eric Satie   "Gymnopedies No. 2"  (@1888)

           Are you familiar with the Three Gymnopedies of Eric Satie?    Do you like the music of the Impressionism movement (Debussy & Ravel are most commonly associated with the movement)?   What kinds of music do you find to be the most dreamlike?
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  1. that was very pretty, the song and the visuals. I am familiar with one of the Gymnopedies movements but I can't remember which one. I have it on one of my new age albums from the Windham Hill label I think.

    I like Windham Hill music overall, it's pretty 'dreamy'. I'm a fan of composer Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring, and I love Mozart. Of course any Grateful Dead jam does it for me too.

  2. I have the (sheet) music and occasionally attempt to play all three on the piano.
    I think Ravel and Debussy also wrote some dreamy music. We have recently been bombarded by one of the Gymnopedies on Radio Three as a trailer to culture at the beginning of WW1. Sue

  3. Oops, I meant Gnossiennes on the radio!

  4. oh lovely - I only knew gymnopedie no. 1. Really good music to write by. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful, and no I was not familiar with it - Thank you!

  6. JoJo-- I can imagine Satie's music being done by Windham Hill artists. They've put out some wonderfully relaxing albums. I've got at least one new age type album with Satie's music.

    Sue -- Ravel, Debussy, and Satie were all a part of the same arts scene in Paris. I'm sure they greatly influenced one another.

    Susan R. -- Good for writing or just dreaming.

    Yolanda-- Satie doesn't have a big catalog of music, but I think what's out there is wonderful.


  7. The piano is one of my favorite instruments. I always pause when I hear piano music, delighting in its sound.

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