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Thursday, December 19, 2013

People You Long to See

Christmas 2010, Maryville
Christmas 2010, Maryville (Photo credit: kmoliver)
         Do you have dreams where you see or are looking for people from your past, dead or living, that you long to see or had forgotten about?   This is a common theme in my dreams.  The following is a dream that I recorded from September 29th of 2013:

       In this dream I am in my old hometown in Tennessee:   There has supposedly been a snowstorm of epic proportions, although by appearance it doesn't seem too major.  It isn't very deep, but I see snow over a vast landscape panorama all around me.  The power is out and people have been warned not to drive.
      I go to a house or structure not far from my mother's house.  An old friend and  his band are supposed to be playing at a gathering to which many of our friends have been invited.
     Then I find myself in a car with my mother driving.  We are at Buddy's Market, a store that has been gone for many years.  She is trying to find a parking space.  She almost drives into a vast rocky chasm in the middle of the parking lot.  It was obstructed by snow.
      We go to a house where one of my sisters lives.   I am aware that many of my relatives will be there.  A niece answers door.  I see many of my family members there.  One of my sisters is mounting a 36" flat screen TV near the ceiling by easily screwing it onto a bracket.  The TV looks unusual and modernistic.  There is a picture but she can't get the sound working.
      Some older people are outside and I speak with them briefly.  Returning back inside I find that everyone seems to have disappeared into back rooms.   One of my dear old friends comes into the house.  He has something in a bag which at first I think is marijuana.  He asks if anyone wants some oranges.  I look more closely and realize what he has is more of a pod like fruit surrounded by leaves.   At first I decline but then he peels one and I try it.  The fruit tastes more like mango.
     Soon Vernon is gone.  I go to look for others but I'm afraid to enter any rooms.  I want to smoke some pot.   I go to wash my hands at a sink in the hallway.  A friendly stranger comes and we discuss the oranges and other things.   Somebody comes out from the back and says they've been in the pool.
     I want to go back to find my friends but I don't know where they are.

     Throughout this seemingly very long and involved dream I am with people who are dear to me or I am looking for such people.  The dream is very comforting and when I awaken I feel very hopeful as I long to see old friends and family.

       Do you often dream about people you haven't seen in a while?   How do these kinds of dreams make you feel?    What do you think a dream of this sort means?

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JoJo said...

I used to dream about all the kids that moved away from my hometown during elementary school. I rarely dreamed about friends with whom I was in contact. I figured it was just that sense of wondering whatever became of the ones that moved, and if they remembered their time in Sandwich. Once was launched, it made it easier to search out names, but Facebook really helped to reconnect with people that spent only a short time in my hometown.

I was hot on the trail of an old friend who'd dropped out in 9th grade to have a baby....I finally found someone who had kept in touch w/ her and told me that she'd passed away from breast cancer a few months earlier. I was heartbroken.