Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wake Up, Go to Sleep, Wake Up, Go to Sleep...

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          Do you ever have those crazy nights where sleep is fitful?   I can probably answer with confidence that you have.  I know I have on occasion, but fortunately those restless nights of sleep don't happen too often.

          Usually those sporadic nights of sleep are related to some sort of discomfort such as having to urinate overly frequently, sickness, hunger, or feelings of distress.   For me the wake/sleep cycles may be accompanied by dreams, but this doesn't always seem to be the case.  Or at least there are times when the dreams are not remembered if they are present.

          On the other hand there are some nights when the dreams seem to interrupt the sleep and I return to the same dream after the waking incident.  I will awaken and ponder my dream, wondering about it, trying to work it out in my mind.  I return to sleep and the dream returns.  It may happen several times throughout the night.  Sometimes it's like a vexing annoyance while at others it is a continuing saga of mystery and curiosity.

          Those kinds of nights are usually tiring.  I awaken feeling like sleeping more, but knowing that I must get up.  If there were dreams during the night that I remember they might haunt me through out the day.  These are undoubtedly dreams with messages.  But what are they telling me?

         Then again, maybe there are no messages.  Perhaps the dreams are merely reflections of mental or physical states.    Whatever they are, they can be sometimes extremely annoying.

       What causes you to have nights of fitful sleep?   Do you experience them very often?    What kinds of dreams do you usually have when you have fitful nights of dreams that you remember?

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  1. Having family issues I don't very often sleep through to morning, A few hours sleep then awake for an hour then off to sleep again. I know it's anxiety related but until things are sorted then it's something I have tp put with.

  2. I've always had trouble sleeping, esp. falling asleep and staying asleep. Financial issues are what keep me awake at night.

  3. Once I fall asleep, I tend to stay there, but it seems like at least a couple times a week I have trouble falling asleep (last night, for example-well after 2pm before I was out).

    Valerian root sometimes helps, but that's as much as I will try as a sleep aid (since it is natural).

    I think what keeps me awake is my concern for the Kardashian family, and my inability to get enough information on them in the media.

  4. Not long ago I had a series of dreams that left me quite shaken. For awhile I slept with the lights on - and even tried a different room. Didn't matter. In each dream I would struggle to awaken as someone was trying to choke the life out of me. In the dreams, and as I came out of them, I felt their flesh on mine as I tried to pull them off me. Have you ever experienced touch in a dream? Off topic, sorry, anyway I realized, finally that my sense of danger, the choking, was all about feeling blocked in my personal life. It goes much deeper, but the point is, that what I experienced in my dreams was a direct reflection of what was happening in my life.

  5. I typically don't dream (or at least remember my dreams) unless I am sleeping soundly.

  6. Last night, in fact, I was up and down. I had carved three pumpkins with my gr-kids, and my arms/hands/shoulder were in such pain.
    Pain is the big problem for me.

  7. Yvonne -- Anxiety can play havoc with good sleep.

    JoJo -- Fortunately I usually sleep well, but on occasional I've had the financial issues keep me awake too.

    Disc -- I can understand your concern for the Kardashians. Poor things.

    Yolanda -- What you describe is indeed scary. Waking life can have a tremendous influence on our dreams as well as our inability to sleep well. After you description here I look forward to your guest post. I sense a good one coming.

    Suze -- I'd say it's probably that you don't remember your dreams.

    Susan -- I usually am not affected by physical pain during sleep, but more than once I've been under attack from something I've eaten that's left me extremely uncomfortable during the night.


  8. I've never had a blog dream but now, I wish to have one. I would definitely like to expand my dream range.


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