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An Angry Man: Dreams of Empowerment

"Frank" by Ada Zdanowicz

         Dreams of empowerment can be like a double-edged sword.  They can fill you with a false interpretation such as I experienced in my dynamic flow dream in which I awoke with a complete confidence in a belief delivered by a dream.  This belief may have had some basis in truth, but my extreme sense that I had been given knowledge of some absolute truth could have possibly resulted in misguided thinking if I had continued to pursue the idea long after waking.   A confidence upon awakening should usually be tempered with some rational thinking of the wakened mind.

       On the other hand some dreams may deliver a sense of empowerment that comes from an obvious source.  In this type of dream the message is clear and relates to a source that can readily be identified.  This is the type of dream I will relate in this post.  This was another one of those dreams that seemed very long and contained much detail that was mostly forgotten after awakening.

        I am with my family at a boardwalk on what seems to be the Atlantic Ocean front.  I'm not sure who all is with me, I only know that they are family members. It seems to be off season as there are not many other people. The sky is clouded.  

        In an establishment that seems to be a bar or a restaurant I see a TV news report about some large creature that has landed or been pulled onto the beach.    In the distance I see activity at the beach related to this reported event.  I go to see what is going on.

       We are driving somewhere  to the North.   My son-in-law Jeff is driving my wife's car.  We stop at a gas station and do a number of different things.  There is a large store at the gas station.  Perhaps I buy something at the store.

       We start driving again.  I am sitting in the front passenger seat as Jeff drives.   I realize that the car is nearly out of gas when I look over at the gauge.  We forgot to fill up at the gas station.  I suggest that we should turn around to go back to the gas station, but Jeff decides to keep driving and look for another station.

       As we drive, the places we pass are very old houses and buildings, mostly made of weathered wood.  I think I see a gas station but it is old and closed.  Continuing on, we come to a more populated area.  I see a small gas station and convenience market  on our left, but we miss it and keep driving.  I convince the driver to turn around.  The driver is now my father.

        We turn around and head back to where I saw the gas station, but once more my father misses the station and we pass it.  I say again to go back.

        The road is narrow and we are coming to an old looking railroad viaduct.   Before reaching the viaduct we turn into what appears to be a old wooden mechanic's garage or some unidentified business establishment.  The graveled drive area in front of the building is very narrow and as we make the turn the car brushes against the garage entrance which is covered with hanging wooden slats rather than a solid door.

       As we begin heading back in the direction of the gas station a young man emerges from the garage and walks toward us.  We are now out of the car and standing beside the road.  The man is very angry because we have hit his building.  I think to myself that if there was any damage it was to my wife's car.

      The young man is dressed in work overalls and he is carrying a number of items, perhaps tools and other things.  I apologize and try to be friendly.  He swings out at me trying to hit me.  I am not afraid so much as concerned about the man's anger and that he might hurt one of us.

      I say to the man, "Do you know about Jesus?"

      He stops advancing towards us.  Looking disconcerted he now seems to have an anger no longer directed toward us.  The man appears to be uneasy, confused, and unsure what to say.  

      I repeat, "Do you know about Jesus?"

      He turns and walks away quietly as though perhaps ashamed or merely deep in thought.

      I awaken feeling safe and confident.

       Shortly after awakening I tell my wife my dream.  She tells me that it was a wonderful dream.  During the day I feel positive and optimistic.  In the dream I have averted a volatile confrontation and I also know that we will be able to fill the car up with gas and continue our journey.

      The dream is most likely related to what the pastors at the church we attend have been talking about in their sermons and Bible study teachings. There is undoubtedly a call to action for me, but also a reassurance in my life.  This is a good dream to have.

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  1. Fascinating dream Lee. It actually sounds as if you were dealing with several different issues that were being revealed to you in a gentle, slow and guarded fashion.

  2. You seem to be traveling to a destination but encountering all sorts of obstacles (no gas). You meet people, pass by very old buildings. Finally you meet a young man who may be a mechanic. This has the sound of the beginnings of a scary movie; but your question derails any bad stuff.

  3. Always plenty of levels of meaning in my dreams. And yes, it was kind of like a scary movie for a minute. Still the potential of a story here.


  4. Well, I rapped upon a house
    With the U.S. flag upon display
    I said, “Could you help me out?
    I got some friends down the way”
    The man says, “Get out of here,
    I’ll tear you limb from limb”.
    I said, “You know they refused Jesus, too.”
    He said, “You’re not Him!..."

    ~ from the song "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream"

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'


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